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field NOTES the verdict the packaging Premium for Plastic Was the choice to use plastic packaging for a premium vodka brand a good call? Sazerac Company's Platinum 7X Vodka is an award-winning, ultra-smooth American-made vodka distilled seven times from high-quality Midwest grain, bottled in plastic. "The uncrashable Platinum 7X packaging is ideal for making the most of a favorite sporting event," says Tracey Clapp, marketing director, vodka. "The smooth taste and convenient packaging combine for a memorable experience every time." The brand contends that plastic packaging is a good fit because it's more breakage resistant than the glass bottles typically seen for this spirits segment. While the brand uses category  Platinum 7X Vodka is an amazing awardwinning liquid with a very unique story, it should shake off its worries and become the leader that it deserves to be. Employing some of the standard vodka category codes and borrowing language from a premium beer brand only gives the impression of a brand with a lack of confidence. Perhaps this behavior is due to a nervousness about its PET bottle format and the leaning on the familiar is a way of disguising it? Natalie Alexander co-founder at ButterflyCannon  When launching a new product such as vodka, you should use glass bottles first. Only once the product has been accepted language, such as a cobalt blue bottle, that signals a premium alcoholic beverage experience, Sazerac is taking a risk in choosing plastic for an award-winning 80-proof vodka. (Platinum 7X received two consecutive gold medals in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in the vodka category.) Will this risky move pay off or does it deliver too strong of a hit to Platinum 7X's brand equity? Package Design readers weigh in. by the consumers and has strong equity amongst its competitors should plastic be considered. That said, I can see how a product launch in plastic timed to debut during a major sporting event could generate buzz. resins are food safe and reduce solid waste, and they can be injection molded for large volume. James Anderson  While elegant, fussy and intricate, glass bottles will probably always be the standard for high-end and small-batch vodkas. I do think, though, there's plenty of room for previously "low-rent" approaches deployed in innovative ways-following in the long line of screw-top closures, boxes, pouches, etc. This design is striking and clean, but probably too masculine to be taken seriously by all vodka vanguards. owner and creative director at Anderson Creative  Moving to plastic is in the right direction in terms of breakage resistance, and the blue color is attractive and energizing. As an eco-conscious brandowner, I hope and encourage Sazerac Company to use an eco-friendly polymer, such as polylactic acid, which is corn-based and decomposes rapidly, or highly recyclable PET for Platinum 7X Vodka's packaging. These Anita Redd president of Anita's Balm Tim Lapetino vice president and creative director at Pivot Design WANT TO HAVE YOUR PACKAGE DESIGN HIGHLIGHTED in this column or comment on future, spotlighted package designs? Contact Linda Casey at and type "Field Notes" in the email subject line. 60 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015

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Package Design - January/February 2015
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