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snap SHOTS Twisted Tale Fantastical visual narrative seduces shoppers to retry amber ale. D riftwood Brewery of Victoria, BC, Canada, empowered Hired Guns Creative ( to turn up the strange to remind consumers of this session beer. The craft brewer knew the packaging would need to be dramatic to turnaround the varietal's downward sales trajectory. "The main goal with this project was to redesign the packaging for a beer that wasn't selling very well, despite the actual beer being quite good," says Leif Miltenberger, partner and business director at Hired Guns Creative. The agency collaborated with photographer Sean Fenzl ( to create "a misshapen island scene" where the inhabitants have twisted together German noble hops and Munich malt. "We believe that the intense new label design will catch the consumer's eye and convince them to give this beer that they've forgotten about another try," Miltenberger remarks. "We're not sure if it does yet, as the redesigned labels are just hitting the market [early July]." In Pursuit of the Night Premium Carlsberg sub-brand captures the mysterious excitement of evenings out. C arlsberg NOX, a premium Carlsberg sub-brand for night-life drinking that has launched first in Poland, aims to create an exciting aspirational story of nighttime pursuit. Design collective Safari Sundays ( created the packaging, naming and visual identity for the brand, which aims to deliver a new look and feel for the Carlsberg brand through an abstract, Nordic-styled name and sleek constellation inspired graphics. The visual story is meant to be an intense journey, full of anticipation, towards Carlsberg's iconic 'north star' hop leaf, with a brand message that the beer is mysterious and enticing, implying that wherever the evening goes, it will head in the right direction. The senior designer for the project was Matthew Smiroldo, working under managing director Cynthia Davies and creative director Adam Walko. The chief creative officer was Damon Gorrie. 10 JUNE/JULY 2015

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Package Design - June/July 2015
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Package Design - June/July 2015