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sponsored by ALL THE RIGHT INGREDIENTS How John Hall crafted a creative environment that skyrocketed S his startup from local favorite to a worldwide brand. BY LINDA CASEY itting across from John Hall at the American Packaging Summit, I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe. Being a native Chicagoan, I fondly remember Hall's Goose Island Brewery when it was just a local brewpub in a sketchy part of town and have watched the brand grow into the household name it is today. 14 JUNE/JULY 2015 Package Design Matters, a multi-media thought leadership series in print and online, where, through the generous support of our sponsors, we speak with some of the most innovative minds in the branding, design and marketing of consumer packaged goods.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Package Design - June/July 2015

Package Design - June/July 2015
Table of Contents
Editor's Letter
Front Panel
Package Design Matters Series: John Hal
Makeover Challenge Concepts Revealed
Rebranding Brews Sales
Debate & Discuss: Building, Supporting and Managing Creative Teams
Product Focus: Active & Smart Packaging
Index of Advertisers
Field Notes

Package Design - June/July 2015