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table of CONTENTS JUNE/JULY 2015 VOL. 13 NO.5 Challenge 22 Makeover Concepts Revealed BY LINDA CASEY The four design agency competitors unveil their concepts for TELUS' mobile offering, in our 12th annual Makeover Challenge, sponsored by FiberMark North America Inc. and Caps57. This year, contestants were encouraged to create a brand-consistent design and an experimental approach. on the cover features 10 Ballast Point Brewery's rebranding demonstrates that sometimes not paying attention to sales numbers is the surest way to boost the bottom line, while at the same time creating designs that resonate with consumers and strengthen brands. & Discuss: Building, 46 Debate Supporting and Managing Creative Teams BY LINDA CASEY We talk with a human resources professional to get her insights on managing the unique and often unpredictable energy of creative teams. She reveals a compelling holistic approach that takes into consideration each person's emotional, professional and physical condition. departments Brews Sales 34 Rebranding BY DIANNA BORSI O'BRIEN PACKAGE DESIGN MATTERS SERIES: JOHN HALL BY LINDA CASEY John Hall, founder of Goose Island Brewery and the subsequent Goose Island Beer Company, tells us how risk taking and experimentation can pay off for brands of all types, and how innovation should be a continual process for any company that seeks to establish a unique and valuable position in a crowded marketplace. JUNE/JULY 2015 14 6 EDITOR'S LETTER 8 FRONT PANEL 10 SNAPSHOTS 50 PRODUCT FOCUS: ACTIVE & SMART PACKAGING We examine packaging technologies that expand the boundaries of design by allowing greater interactivity for consumers. 56 FIELD NOTES A number of established American beer brands are shifting their packaging designs toward the past, with simplified designs intended to clarify the brand's focus and evoke pleasant memories of days gone by. But does the change make them seem more authentic, or more generic? Package Design readers share their thoughts. 55 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS 4 Canadian craft brewer uses a fantastical visual narrative to seduce shoppers to retry amber ale.

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Package Design - June/July 2015
Table of Contents
Editor's Letter
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Package Design Matters Series: John Hal
Makeover Challenge Concepts Revealed
Rebranding Brews Sales
Debate & Discuss: Building, Supporting and Managing Creative Teams
Product Focus: Active & Smart Packaging
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Package Design - June/July 2015