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DEBATE & DISCUSS BUILDING, SUPPORTING AND MANAGING CREATIVE TEAMS In this issue, Package Design begins an exploration on how businesses can create environments that encourage and foster sustainable creativity and innovation that positively impacts the bottom line. Read the next installment of this Debate & Discuss topic focus in the August issue, where we interview Victor Ermoli, dean of the School of Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. Mina Patel Associate director, human resources, IA Collaborative How do you make space for creative rhythm in a high-cadence business environment?  You build creative rhythm into your culture and brand. At IA, we are a culture of critique where not one individual is responsible for design, where multi-disciplinary project teams work in unity with clients towards a common goal and purpose, and where we all believe in the "why" that has been instilled in us by our Founders. As a community, we work in collaboration and play for discovery. Ideas can come from anywhere or anyone. Creativity is not only encouraged it is desired. Each week, we hold an organization-wide meeting. This is a platform for individuals to share out inspirational designs found in the world, best practices and/or tools that can be leveraged by others, and it also serves as a forum for teams to share out in progress work. In this meeting, individuals and teams gain builds and recommendations, which ultimately raise the bar around our thinking and the overall design that we put forth into the world. How can design and marketing leaders prevent employee burnout? Start with wellness. Create an atmosphere focused around health and wellbeing for your staff. Offer benefits that support healthy life choices and connectedness within your team such as allowances for sanctioned race participation/sports league and reimbursement programs for gym enrollment. Create a healthy and effective work environment for your team. Our space is fluid and caters to the many modes of work that occur in a day. There are project rooms for team collaboration, work stations for independent work, environments for play, a shop for our creative makers and a communal dining area for all to come together. The space itself is quite serene with white walls and high ceilings, clear glass rooms, an abundance of light peering through a 60 ft. skylight, terrariums, long views which support healthy vision and fresh fruit for all. The space was 46 JUNE/JULY 2015

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Package Design - June/July 2015
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Package Design - June/July 2015