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product FOCUS A C T I V E & S M A R T PA C K A G I N G Airless Pump with Anti-drying Insert Serumony is engineered to be an airtight, leakproof dispensing system for serums. Made from transparent co-polyester with an anti-drying inset in the cap, the package has a 15-mL PP barrel that dispenses 70-mcL of formula with one touch and without the product contacting any metal. AD INDEX 13 Berry Plastics 2-3 Neenah Paper 37 Can Manufacturers Institute 9 Package Design Community Voice 40 Caps 57 17 Package Design Kaleidoscope Webinar 42-43 Capsule 7 CGS Publishing Technologies 5 Clearwater Paper 23 FiberMark 21 Package Design Makeover Challenge 48-49 Package Design Matters Conference 19 Package Design Matters Video Webcast 39 Graph Expo 35 IBC Shell Packaging 54 Package Design ROI Webinar 9-insert Innove 15 Pack Expo OBC Kaleidoscope 44-45 Little Big Brands IBC Luxe Pack Monaco Collaboration Resource Center IFC Printpack 32-33 R&D Leverage 51 Marabu North America 11 Mimaki 1 Taylor Box Request FREE product information from advertisers in this issue 53 Unicep FREE INFORMATION FROM ADVERTISERS A convenient and free service for researching and gathering information.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Package Design - June/July 2015

Package Design - June/July 2015
Table of Contents
Editor's Letter
Front Panel
Package Design Matters Series: John Hal
Makeover Challenge Concepts Revealed
Rebranding Brews Sales
Debate & Discuss: Building, Supporting and Managing Creative Teams
Product Focus: Active & Smart Packaging
Index of Advertisers
Field Notes

Package Design - June/July 2015