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NE WS WO R T H Y BALD EAGLE BENEFITS FROM 3D PRINTING Beauty is the name an American Bald Eagle that was injured when a poacher’s bullet destroyed much of her top beak, leaving her unable to eat solid food. Beauty was rescued in Alaska after being found nearly dead from starvation and was returned to health by way of feedings administered by Jane Cantwell and Birds of Prey Northwest, located near Coeur d’Alene, ID. Not long after, Cantwell met Nate Calvin, a mechanical engineer, at a public presentation in Boise, ID. During her presentation, she told the tale of Beauty’s plight and her efforts to garner the required support to save the eagle. Calvin offered to help. He’s the founder of Kinetic Engineering Group, a Boise-based engineering company primarily involved in new product development and design services of various products and industries. The company had no experience with animals or prosthetics, but working with CAD software and specialists facilitated the design of a prosthetic beak for Beauty and, ultimately, the use of 3D printing to fabricate the upper beak. The attachment of the prosthetic beak enables Beauty to feed and preen again. According to Birds of Prey Northwest, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has authorized special permits that will allow Beauty to be a teaching aid of sorts as Cantwell continues to educate the public about conservation and stewardship of birds of prey. Steve Duccilli Group Publisher Gregory Sharpless Associate Publisher Gail Flower Editor Ben P Rosenfield . Managing Editor Keri Harper Art Director Mark Coudray, Rick Davis, Tim Greene, Andy MacDougall, Rick Mandel, Thomas Trimingham Columnists Linda Volz Production Coordinator Business Development Managers Lou Arneberg – East and Midwest US, Eastern Canada, Europe Ben Stauss – West and South US, Western Canada, Asia SCREENWEB POLL RESULTS What type of color-measurement equipment do you use? Andy Anderson, Jeff Arbogast, Albert Basse III, Reynold Bookman, Bob Chambers, Don Curtis, Dean DeMarco, Michael Emrich, Craig Furst, David Gintzler, Ryan Moor, Bob Roberts, Jon Weber, Andy Wood Editorial Advisory Board WE EYEBALL IT 48% SPECTROPHOTOMETER 38% Jerry Swormstedt Chairman of the Board Tedd Swormstedt President Kari Freudenberger Director of Online Media Customer Service Screen Printing Subscription Services P Box 1060 .O. Skokie, IL 60076 P: 847-763-4938/877-494-0727 F: 847-763-9030 E: Free Subscription Renewals/Address Changes NONE 7% COLORIMETER 5% ON-PRESS DEVICE 2% 4 SCREENPRINTING

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Screen Printing - October/November 2012
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Where Are You Coming From?
The Best Halftone for Different Styles of Artwork
Adding Dye Sublimation to Your Business
Best Practices in the Challenging World of 3D P-O-P
The Future of Screen Printing
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives for Decals and Labels
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Screen Printing - October/November 2012