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ne w p r o d uc t s Numbering Press clamping system, a spring-steel platform sliding of squeegees for uniform sharpening, vacuum removal system, and more. Infrared Dryer The Abacus II from M&R ( is a two-station numbering press that features a 20-printhead duo-deck configuration that facilitates the printing of two-color numbers. It has a servo-driven indexing system that is controlled by touchscreen user interface. Users enter the dimensions of the digits to be printed and the gap between the digits, and Abacus II automatically positions each platen for correct digit placement during the print cycle. The standard frame size for M&R’s numbering system is 15 x 23 in. (380 x 580 mm), but it can simultaneously accommodate screen frames up to 20 x 24 in. (510 x 610 mm) in all 20 printheads or screen frames up to 23 x 31 in. (580 x 790 mm) in every other printhead. Abacus II’s features include a machine-tooled and polished 3-in. (76.2mm) center shaft, tapered roller bearings, microregistration with dual off-contact adjustment, tool-free spring-tension adjustment, and more. The new D-100 Sub-Compact Infrared Conveyor Dryer from Vastex International ( is engineered to cure 110 plastisol-printed garments or 50 discharge-printed garments per hour. The tabletop unit measures 46 x 24 in. (1170 x 610 mm), draws 1625 w, and is available in 120- or 240-v models equipped with an 18 x 46-in. (457 x 1170-mm) conveyor belt, and a 16-in. (406 mm) square heater. Variable controls are standard for heat intensity and conveyor speed. The heater can be raised, lowered, and pivoted using lock knobs on the sides of the heating chamber according to the thickness of printed garments and/or the angle of printed images on irregularly shaped items. Heater shields are included to maximize edge-to-edge temperature consistency for increased image quality. Squeegee Sharpeners A.W.T. World Trade ( says it designed the Sharper-Image line of diamond-wheel squeegee sharpeners to offer superior performance and reliability. All models feature an oversized diamond-head cutting wheel that A.W.T. says reduces the number of revolutions needed for honing blades. According to the company, the unique design of the diamondhead wheel helps to minimize the heat buildup that distorts squeegee rubber. Floor models are available in six sizes, ranging from 48-144 in. (1219-3658 mm) and include a micro-gauge to indicate cutting depth, a built-in vacuum dust-removal system, and an adjustable camber control to pre-bow each individual squeegee blade to be honed. They also include a wheel-cooling and cleaning system with a 6-in. (1524-mm) diameter and a 220-grit, square-edge diamond cutting wheel. Table-top models are available in four sizes, ranging from 2460 in. (609-1524 mm) and feature a 3-in. (762-mm) diameter, a 220-grit square-edge diamond wheel, an adjustable squeegee6 screenprinting Fabric Media for UV and Dye-Sub Printing Fisher Textiles ( recently expanded its lines of UV- and dye-sub-printable fabrics. Fisher describes GF 2201 Voile (FR) as a soft, thin, sheer fabric with a high

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Screen Printing - October/November 2012
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Screen Printing - October/November 2012