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AT THE BEDSIDE FDA’s Treatment Recommendations for Simvastatin 80 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends strong limitations on simvastatin 80 mg, a common cholesterol-lowering podcast drug sold by Merck as helps you prepare Zocor, to reduce risk of muscle damage. to answer patients’ In a safety announcement, FDA says to keep questions. patients on simvastatin 80 mg “only if they have been taking this dose for 12 or more months without evidence of muscle toxicity.” It says to not start simvastatin 80 mg in new patients, including patients on lower doses of the drug. For health professionals, FDA further recommends: • Place patients who do not meet their LDL cholesterol (LDL-C) goal while taking simvastatin 40 mg on alternative LDL-C lowering treatments that provide greater LDL-C lowering. • Follow the recommendations in the simvastatin-containing medicine labels regarding drugs that may increase the risk of muscle injury when used with simvastatin. • For patients who need to start on a drug that interacts with simvastatin, switch them to an alternative statin with less potential for drug-drug interaction. • Report adverse events involving simvastatin-containing medicines to the FDA MedWatch program. • Be prepared to answer your patients’ questions. Start with this podcast at, “FDA Drug Safety Podcast for Healthcare Professionals: New Restrictions, Contraindications, and Dose Limitations for Zocor (Simvastatin) to Reduce the Risk of Muscle Injury,” or click on the link in the December 2011 AACN Bold Voices digital edition available at /aacnboldvoices. Webcasts Available for 24/7 Viewing Did you know links you to more than two dozen webcasts from sessions at the National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition? For example, learn about the physiological effects and symptoms associated with major toxidromes and their treatment therapies, when you tune into Ann Lystrup’s informative presentation, “Oh, Grandma, What a Very Big Medication List You Have: Toxidromes Every Critical Care Nurse Should Know.” Sponsored by GE Healthcare, AACN members and nonmembers receive complimentary CE credit. 12 DECEMBER 2011

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