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AT THE BEDSIDE Motor Training Can Advance Social Development in Infants With Autism Providing infants with “sticky mittens” to manipulate toys increases their subsequent interest in faces, suggesting advanced social development, fi nds a study at Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore. “Reaching Experience Increases Face Preference in 3-month-old Infants,” published online in Developmental Science, indicates that infants at risk of autism spectrum disorders or with signs of abnormal social development may benefit from motor training as early as 3 months old, study information says. After a two-week training program, the study compared infants in passive and active groups, and untrained infants of non-reaching 3-month-olds with independently reaching 5-month-olds. According to the study information: • The active group showed more interest in faces than objects, while the passive group showed no preference. • Active infants focused on faces first, suggesting strengthening of a spontaneous preference for faces. • Social preferences of active infants were similar to those of untrained 5-month-olds, indicating advanced development following training. • The more reaching attempts infants made, the stronger their tendency to look at faces, showing that motor experiences seem to drive social development. In the study information, Klaus Libertus, research scientist at the institute’s Center for Autism and Related Disorders, calls the connection between early motor experiences and the emergence of orienting toward faces “the most surprising result of our study.” The results “indicate a new direction for research on social development in infants,” Libertus adds, although infants will continue to be observed to see if the benefits are sustained. Hep C Rates, a Global Problem You Belong Here Where Experienced Nurses Become Exceptional Nurses Experienced Nurses: take your skills to the next level. Learn and grow at Froedtert Health, where you’ll have the opportunity to work with the best and the brightest in an environment committed to providing the best quality of care. Froedtert Health is a regional health care organization made up of Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee; Community Memorial Hospital, Menomonee Falls; St. Joseph’s Hospital, West Bend; and the Froedtert Health Medical Group with clinic locations throughout Waukesha and Washington counties. Joining the capabilities of an academic medical center affiliated with The Medical College of Wisconsin, two community hospitals and a primary and multi-specialty physician group, Froedtert Health delivers highly coordinated, cost-effective health care to residents of southeastern Wisconsin and beyond. Do you strive to be the very best? Apply Yourself Today. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We maintain a drug-free workplace and perform pre-employment substance abuse testing. 8 DECEMBER 2011 Apply Yourself Today. “Global Epidemiology of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in People Who Inject Drugs: Results of Systematic Reviews,” in The Lancet, says rates of hepatitis C (HCV) infection among injection drug users exceed those of HIV and pose a substantial public health chalAmong injection lenge worldwide.a According to related USA Today drug users, article, Paul Nelson, hepatitis C from the National Drug and Alcohol Research infection rate Centre at the University exceeds that of New South Wales in Sydney, and colleagues of HIV. say, “the significance of viral hepatitis needs to receive greater attention.” HCV rates were 73 percent in the U.S., 64 percent in Canada and 97 percent in Mexico, the study adds.

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Motor Training Can Advance Social Development in Infants With Autism
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