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AT THE BEDSIDE High Blood Pressure Can Injure the Brain of Young Adults Disease Center, says in “Effects of Systolic the article. “The people Blood Pressure on Whitein our study were cogniMatter Integrity in Young tively normal, so a lack of Adults in the Framingham symptoms doesn’t mean Heart Study,” in The anything.” Lancet Neurology, finds A total of 579 out uncontrolled high blood of 4,095 study participressure can damage pants with a mean age the brain’s structure and of 39 underwent a brain function in people as magnetic resonance young as 40. imaging. They were sepaEarlier studies noted rated into three groups changes in the brain composed of people with of older patients with normal blood pressure, hypertension that are Late-life brain health can be people who were prehyassociated with cognitive influenced by knowing and treating pertensive and those with decline and dementia. hypertension. New sensiResearchers at the blood pressure at a young age. tive imaging techniques University of California, assessed the micro-structural integrity of the white matter Davis (UC Davis), wanted to determine how early these of the brain and mapped gray matter volume and matter changes begin, since blood pressure control can help offset hyperintensities. long-term damage and preserve cognitive ability. The study concludes that elevated systolic blood pres“The message here is really clear: People can influence sure has an observable negative impact that manifests their late-life brain health by knowing and treating their itself even in young adults. The hypertensive group also blood pressure at a young age, when you wouldn’t neceshad an average of 9 percent less gray matter in their sarily be thinking about it,” Charles DeCarli, professor brain’s frontal and temporal lobes. of neurology and director of the UC Davis Alzheimer’s New Drugs Lower LDL, Total Cholesterol A new class of drugs may help people achieve satisfactory cholesterol levels with or without statins, according to three Phase II studies presented during a meeting of the American Heart Association, reports “AHA: New Drug Class Cuts LDL Cholesterol” in MedPage Today. In a GAUSS (Goal Achievement after Utilizing an AntiEfficacy and some safety data were PCSK9 Antibody in Statin-Intolerant Subjects) study of patients who were statin-intolerant, the administration obtained, but long-term safety and of 450 mg of AMG 145 achieved a 51 percent reduction cardiovascular outcomes data are in low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol at 12 weeks. In a RUTHERFORD (Reduction of LDL-C with PCSK9 now needed. Inhibition in Heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia Disorder) trial, patients with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia and on statins also were able to achieve a significant 55 percent reduction in LDL-C at 12 weeks with a 420-mg dose of AMG 145 (P 0.05), the article adds. Finally, two pooled studies of RN316 in hypercholesterolemic patients on high or maximal doses of statins showed that the two highest doses of RN3316 — 3 mg/kg and 6 mg/kg — were significantly associated with reductions in LDL-C and total cholesterol. Peter Wilson, Emory University in Atlanta, commented on the PCSK9 studies in MedPage Today. “We saw three positive trials, but they are phase II trials showing efficacy and a fair amount of information on safety,” he says. “Now we need longer-term safety data and cardiovascular outcomes.” 8 MARCH 2013

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Bold Voices - March 2013