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FROM THE PRESIDENT Vicki Good D 22 Start anywhere. Follow it everywhere. — Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze uring the past year many of us learned to feel safe about daring to do something different. Even when a dare represented a remarkable individual achievement — becoming certified, competing in a triathlon, confronting life-threatening illness — it was often private or shared only with those we really trusted. We dared to and broke through obstacles that moved us beyond “normal” expectations. We prepared ourselves to stretch and take on what lies ahead. To draw on our accomplishments and step forward to make things better for others. Step Forward. This is what I propose as this year’s theme. It reminds me of Florence Nightingale, who was confident in her knowledge, tamed her personal fears and stepped forward to introduce changes that continue to benefit healthcare more than a century later. Nightingale taught us that we make a powerful statement each time we step forward and affirm with confidence that “I am a nurse.” Stepping forward starts with one step at a decisive moment. When we take that first step, our integrity guides us toward the light that helps us forge a new path. Integrity is our personal code of ethics. It requires us to do the right thing, even when it’s unpopular and we’re in a minority. Think of it as a compass that aligns what we do with our deepest values. Integrity reminds us and shows others that we refuse to stay in the shadows and take the easy way out. Stepping forward leaves a wake, which represents our personal character. Our wake changes and grows as we experience life and, just like a swimmer’s wake, it can be choppy or smooth. Our wake becomes our legacy, so it’s up to us to decide the kind of wake each of our contributions leaves behind. So where and how do we start? “Start anywhere. Follow it everywhere.” is what Meg Wheatley and Deborah Frieze advise in their book “Walk Out Walk On.” How often do we know what needs to happen but not where to start? Take a step. A single step. It can be small or large, but it gets us started. Every step won’t be a home run or even land us on base. But the more steps we take, the better our chances for success. Along the way we’ll look back at our wake and probably make a course correction or two. Sometimes we’ll step back or to the side, because stepping forward isn’t always literal. But each time we’ll experience the pride that comes from making a difference in someone’s life. Let’s continue our dialogue in real time telling one another how we plan to step forward. And whenever we make course corrections. I know I’ll need to make some along the way. The quickest way is a Facebook wall post at Or send me an email at Step Forward If you were at this year’s National Teaching Institute & Critical Exposition when I announced our new theme, some parts of this column will sound familiar. V.G.

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