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Step Forward Another Angle 3 ut used more sensibly, humor can be a clarifying organizational elixir. “Jokes that people tell at the workplace can reveal as much or perhaps more about the organization, its management, its culture, and its conflicts than answers to carefully administered surveys,” [David] Collinson says. Thomas A. Stewart, editor in chief of the Harvard Business Review, has suggested mining corporate skits for clues about an organization’s soul — after he discovered that many of Enron’s shady dealings were lampooned at the company’s talent show well before auditors had any inkling of wrongdoing at the now notorious energy company. And humor can be a cohesive force in organizations — as anyone who’s ever traded jokes at the water cooler or laughed over lunch with colleagues understands. Instead of disciplining the jokecrackers, as Ford [Motor Company] did in the last century, organizations should be seeking them out and treating a sense of humor as an asset. It’s time to rescue humor from its status as mere entertainment and recognize it for what it is — a sophisticated and peculiarly human form of intelligence that can’t be replicated by computers and that is becoming increasingly valuable in a high-concept, high-touch world. Source: Pink, Daniel H. A Whole New Mind. New York: Riverhead Books; 2006; 199. Read more in my note on page 22. Vicki Good AACN President Start anywhere. Follow it everywhere. — Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze 3 AACN BOLD VOICES JULY 2013 B How often do we know what needs to happen but not where to start? Take a step. A single step. It can be small or large, but it gets us started. Every step won’t be a home run or even land us on base. But the more steps we take, the better our odds for success.

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We Welcome New, Thank Off-going National Board Members
Managers Note Less Professionalism Among Nurses
Joint Commission: Alarm Fatigue Can Be Deadly
Many Nurses Subject to Workplace Violence
Sharps Injuries Continue to Pose Work Hazard
Medicare Commission Explores Pay Inequality for APRNs
NTI 2013 in Photos
Can iPads Disrupt Function of Implanted Heart Devices?
Copper Surfaces Can Cut in Half the Risk of HAI
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Visionary Leaders Recognized at NTI
Step Forward

Bold Voices - July 2013