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AACN We Welcome New, Thank Off-going National Board Members New board members, fiscal year and theme begin July 1. A Vicki Good Milisa Manojlovich 5 AACN BOLD VOICES JULY 2013 warm welcome to the new members of the AACN and AACN Certification Corporation boards of directors and the boards’ new leadership teams. Championing the 2013-14 theme, “Step Forward,” the AACN Board of Directors unites our community of exceptional nurses as we further realize our vision of a patient- and family-driven healthcare system where high acuity and critical care nurses make their optimal contribution. The AACN Certification Corporation Board of Directors establishes and maintains high standards of professional practice excellence through specialty certification programs for nurses who care for acutely and critically ill patients and their families. July 1, as AACN enters a new fiscal year, Vicki Good and Teri Lynn Kiss begin one-year terms as AACN board president and president-elect, respectively. Karen Johnson, Lisa Riggs and Christine Schulman begin three-year terms as directors. The board of directors elected current board members Mary Zellinger and Linda Bay to a one-year term as secretary and treasurer, respectively. On the AACN Certification Corporation board, Linda Harrington begins a term as board chair with Mary Frances Pate as chair-elect. Board member Sonia Astle was elected secretary/treasurer by the board. Clareen Wiencek — who also serves on the AACN board — begins a concurrent term on the AACN Certification Corporation board. All will serve one-year terms. In addition, Milisa Manojlovich begins a three-year board term. Off-going AACN board members include Kathryn Roberts, who becomes immediate past president, and Sheryl Leary, Pamela Popplewell and Maureen Seckel, who completed their terms as directors. Leary completed a concurrent term on the AACN Certification Corporation board. Pamela Bolton completed her term as chair of the AACN Certification Corporation board and becomes immediate past chair. The AACN community thanks all off-going board members for their dedicated volunteer service, which helps shape the future of acute and critical care nursing, and we thank our Nominating Committee for its careful selection of qualified candidates. We extend a special thank you to AACN members who voted in the spring election. Your commitment strengthens our community and enables us to drive excellence in patient care. Karen Johnson Lisa Riggs Teri Lynn Kiss Christine Schulman

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We Welcome New, Thank Off-going National Board Members
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Bold Voices - July 2013