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AACN Letters WHAT'S LEGAL IN DENVER? NAVIGATING THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT Re: Page 21 in January AACN Bold Voices rg ©w w2.nmh.o I am sad about the February letter misinterpreting the article about the Affordable Care Act as propaganda. AACN made available information about downloadable patient resources to understand the ACA. Even if it is shown not to work, as the writer states, things will never get better when we ignore a problem and fail to participate in the process toward improvement. The care I give as a bedside nurse is not related to a patient's insurance type. But everything else related to a hospital stay is. We have always been at the mercy of the type of insurance we do or don't have. Marylee Bressie Van Buren, Ark. EMPOWERED PATIENTS Re: Page 7 in March AACN Bold Voices How do bedside handovers affect overtime? They wouldn't take long when the night shift hands off to the day shift. But what about day-tonight handovers when visitors are present? Even 15 minutes of overtime can be unrealistic. Wendy Napolitano Portland, Maine This year's National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition will be in Denver, where marijuana is now legal for recreational use. How does this affect NTI participants? Is a nurse who lights up in Colorado breaking the law? What if that nurse tests positive in a random urine test? What if the nurse lives outside of Colorado and is tested after getting home? Maybe we should be cautioned to check with our state board of nursing before leaving home. Or just steer away from the opportunity. Our world is changing quickly, isn't it? Don Bowers Wesley Chapel, Fla. AACN Bold Voices invites your letters for possible print and/or online publication. Please be concise. Letters may be edited before publication. Include your name, credentials, city, state and email address (for verification). Write to Transitions Events in the lives of members and friends in the AACN community. Please visit for more information about each one. Send new entries to Honor or remember your colleagues with a gift to AACN at www.aacn. org/gifts. Lesley Andrew, doctorate * LaToya Brown, speaker * Leslie Cottrell, new position * Jennifer Dole, new position * Lynn Erdman, new position * Bonnie Forshner, doctorate * William Howden, new position * Pamela Jeffries, new program * Carolyn Moorhead, passing * Cindy Munro, fellow 'I Am a Critical Care Nurse' Joel Clemente says he became a nurse to help people reach their optimum level of functioning. * Being a nurse has fulfilled the American dream for him and his family after years of hardships and struggle. * After he and another nurse stabilized a fellow passenger with hypoglycemia while flying on American Airlines, Clemente learned firsthand how keeping people healthy happens in everyday life. * Read more about Clemente's journey as a staff nurse when you open April's Critical Care Nurse from the back. AACN BOLD VOICES APRIL 2014 21

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President’s Note (Teaser)
NTI2014: You Have to Come! An Unmatched Experience in the Mile High City
AACN Clinical Priorities 2014: Clinical Topics for Bedside Clinicians
NTI Network: Connect Online to Plan Your Week
Step Forward! Vote in AACN’s Election 2014
You May Inherit Atherosclerosis From Your Mummy
Pain, Agitation, Delirium Guidelines Expand Nurses’ Toolkit
Pediatric Flu Deaths Still a Concern, Expanded Vaccinations Advised
Are Senior-Specific EDs Worth the Investment?
‘Stop Sepsis’ Program Reduces Mortality Rate 40 Percent
Better Relationships Between Nurses, Cleaning Staff Can Improve Patient Care
Patient Outcomes Improve With Surgeon-Led Mortality Reviews
Reducing Cross-Contamination from Healthcare Personnel Attire
New Biomarker Could Improve Outlook in Esophageal Cancer
Long-Term Survival of Kids After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Tight Glycemic Control Could Shorten Children’s Hospital Stay
Web-based Patient Portals Improve Self-Management
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Nurse-Patient Communication Enhanced in AACN CSI Academy Projects
Link Between Shingles and Stroke Risk?
In Utero Exposure to Dyslipidemia Heightens High LDL Risk in Offspring
Palliative Care: Conversations Matter
Improving Communication About Chronic Critical Illness
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April 16: National Healthcare Decisions Day
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‘I Am a Critical Care Nurse’
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Bold Voices - April 2014