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AT THE BEDSIDE AACN Community Steps Forward on Early Mobility Early mobility link to a Raleigh-Durham, N.C., TV news segment triggers lively conversation at AACN's community is passionate about excellent nursing practice and improving patient outcomes. Here's a snapshot of the lively Facebook conversation when we linked to a TV news segment featuring Duke Raleigh Hospital's early mobility initiative. The AACN Clinical Scene Investigator (CSI) Academy project was funded by an AACN grant. Link to the video from this month's digital edition at, and learn more about AACN CSI Academy at And post your own comments on our wall at, or send them to Michael Lawrie With the right patient population this is great. Too often I've seen it done with the wrong folks. Jeanne Winter Fuentes With adequate and safe staffing I could see this being a wonderful opportunity, but with current staffing trends this could be downright dangerous to do! Patricia L. Ward Yeah, our ICU patient population are mostly elderly from the nursing home, who weren't exactly zipping around to begin with, or psych patients in restraints. We are routinely tripled with NO aides or lifting teams like rich places get. I would imagine this works with a younger population, like young trauma patients. Judi Kane Adequate staffing is the key for sure. But hospitals want us to be like alchemists and produce gold out of nothing. They are not willing to walk the walk. All we can do is keep trying. Sara Williamson Kowalewski We have been doing this in the MICU at Duke for the past couple of years. There is a selection criteria for patients who can actually walk but our PT and OT really help the nurses to push the patients to do as much as possible. It does take a coordinated effort but once staff sees that it can be done it happens more often. Michelle Lee Williams-Mowder I'm all for getting my patients up in the chair, where it fails is when everyone doesn't buy in and the next day I see my patient in 4 point restraints without having had any progressive ambulation. Trey Murphy They will expect this with current staffing. There is never too much work for an RN. Paul Punzalan That is great! I've been doing some research on early mobility on ICU patients and improved outcomes. Some hospitals here in CA are already doing this. These hospitals are very well staffed and have more resources to have these types of programs implemented successfully. It is extremely challenging for smaller hospitals to even attempt such things, unfortunately. Careful planning with the team and focused assessment on appropriate patients are needed for improved outcomes. So yes, in summary: better staffing + resources = improved patient outcomes. I think we all agree on this. Caitlin Starlin We had a 40-something patient intubated due to influenza complications. He was either thrashing in bed or so sedated that he couldn't pass an SBT. His nurse decided to turn off sedation and get him up to a chair. His p/f ratio rose by over 100 with that simple move. He was comfortable, coherent, and his pulmonary function improved remarkably fast. I am a 100% believer in getting the so-called "bedrest" patient up and early, as long as done safely! Chessica Woody Runyon Maury Regional Medical Center in Columbia, TN has been doing this for years. We actually presented on it at NTI 4 years ago. It IS multidisciplinary and the results are astounding! Read the research. Liz Molenda Are these patients off the vent while walking, or are they hooked to a travel vent with an RT who is willing to stay in the unit and run it? 11 AACN BOLD VOICES MAY 2014 AACN American Association of Critical-Care Nurses WRAL-TV in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., aired a story March 14 on Duke Raleigh Hospital's early mobility initiative in its ICU and mentions that it was funded by an AACN grant. The segment ends with the anchor naming other area hospitals involved in AACN CSI Academy, although they don't say "CSI Academy" within the story. Enjoy!

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