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CERTIFICATION Certification Capsules Certification Exam for Neonatal CNSs A new Consensus Model-based exam for ACCNS-N certification is available for neonatal CNSs who graduated from a neonatal CNS program with a Consensus Model-based curriculum covering wellness through acute care. * All AACN Certification Corporation exams for advanced practice nurses - ACNPC-AG, ACCNS-AG, ACCNS-P, ACCNS-N - are aligned with Consensus Model for APRN Regulation requirements and available for graduates of AACN-approved programs. * To learn more, visit the ACCNS exam section of Time Is Running Out to Take ACNPC or CCNS Exam Help spread the word that anyone who plans to take the ACNPC or CCNS exam must apply by Dec. 31, 2014. * AACN Certification Corporation will not offer the adult, pediatric and neonatal CCNS exams for initial certification after this date. * Current ACNPCs and CCNSs may continue to renew their certification in the future, as long as they meet renewal requirements and do not let the certification lapse. Certification Events at NTI 2014 Certification Celebration. Celebrate your achievement at our annual dinner exclusively for certified nurses who hold credentials from AACN Certification Corporation and its partners. This includes nurses certified as ACNPC, ACNPC-AG, ACNP-BC, CCNS, ACCNS-AG, ACCNS-P, ACCNS-N, CCRN, CCRN-E, PCCN, CMC, CSC, CNML and alumnus CCRN and PCCN. Certification Exam. Take paper-and-pencil exams for CCRN, CCRN-E, PCCN, ACNPC, ACNPC-AG, CCNS and CNML specialty certification and CMC and CSC subspecialties. Preregister using the special NTI exam application available at Certification Oasis. A special place to spend a quiet moment between sessions, chat with certified colleagues and those considering certification, and learn what's new in certification and certification renewal. Find out more at Critical care and progressive care books are designed for nurses new to these areas, whether new graduates or those experienced in other areas. N ew editions of two popular AACN-branded textbooks written and edited by clinical experts in critical and progressive care nursing are hot off the press. The third editions of "AACN Essentials of Critical Care Nursing" (product code 128750) and "AACN Essentials of Progressive Care Nursing" (product code 128765) were edited by Suzanne M. Burns, professor emeritus at the School of Nursing, University of Virginia, and a consultant and expert in critical care clinical practice and research. "AACN Essentials of Critical Care Nursing" covers basic to advanced critical care concepts. It's the ideal resource for nurses new to critical care, those who have worked in the field for a short time and nurses who moved to critical care from another area. Information on new guidelines and the latest research is targeted to clinical nurse specialists, managers, educators, preceptors and others who influence care at the bedside. The book includes content from AACN's online Essentials of Critical Care Orientation, key information to prepare for CCRN certification and much more. Presented in prose - not outline form - it is a great tool for hospitals and staff nurses. The enhanced third edition of "AACN Essentials of Progressive Care Nursing" provides foundational information to equip nurses working in high acuity and progressive care, and those preparing for PCCN certification in progressive care nursing. As one of very few resources addressing the educational needs unique to the progressive care environment, "AACN Essentials of Progressive Care Nursing" succinctly presents essential information about how to safely and competently care for acutely ill patients and their families. Both books will be available in the NTI Bookstore and are now available online at 25 AACN BOLD VOICES MAY 2014 New Editions of 'AACN Essentials' Textbooks

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Another Angle
Pres Note Teaser: What Were We Thinking
Come for the Day. Learn for a Lifetime.
How AACN CSI Academy Changed My Practice
Healthcare Professionals Smoke Less Than General Population
Sleep-Deprived Nurses May Regret Clinical Decisions
Detecting Abuse When Kids Have Fractures
Effective Screening and Counseling for Alcohol Use
Most People Who Need Palliative Care Don’t Receive It
Interruptions Are Dangerous
AACN Community Steps Forward on Early Mobility
Satisfied and Engaged Staff Improve Patient Satisfaction
Involve Nurses When Developing Healthcare Technology
Nurses Concerned About Nursing’s Future
How Does This Year’s Flu Compare to Previous Trends?
Fewer Hospital Opportunities for Nursing Graduates
Excessive Crying as a Preemie, Behavioral Problems Later
Hand Amputees Can Feel Objects With New Prostheses
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Certification Capsules
New Editions of ‘AACN Essentials’ Textbooks
New at NTI 2014: Editorial Consults
Call for Nominations: AACN Board, Nominating Committee
Experience a Wasatch Mountain High This Summer at REACH
Thrive at NTI: 10 Tips for the Best Experience
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Bold Voices - May 2014