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A B WA n AT i O n A L Glancing Back Focus Forward it's that time of year when we reflect on what has transpired over the last 365 days; it's hard to believe time passes so quickly. Yet, i can say without hesitation that in 2013, members of AbwA continued to inspire me with their dedication to our organization and willingness to embrace change together. we hope that all our members feel the inspiration that can be generated by a group of women united by a purpose to help each other succeed in the business world and on the AbwA stage as well. "inspire and be inspired in AbwA," our 2013-2014 theme, was meant to signal that inspiration is a two-way proposition: we need each other to create a culture where we can gather the strength and courage to reach for new achievements in our professional lives and in our AbwA sisterhood. As you thumb through the pages of this issue of Women In Business, you'll see many photographs of your fellow members being recognized at our recent national women's Leadership Conference held in Little Rock, Ark. There are a lot of photos of your AbwA sisters having a really good time-together! You might even see a few photos of yourself. The joy expressed in so many of your faces inspires me to continue to create the AbwA that works for us all as a place to learn new skills as well as how to use them effectively in our jobs and in our lives-a place where we continue to change lives, one woman at a time in 2014 and in the next 65 years. 6 w o m e n i n b u s i n e s s W i n T E R 2 013 i know that many who attended the Little Rock conference came away inspired as well. There was a lot of energy and knowledge expended during our conference, and it created an almost magical spell as we shared such a great experience together. Attending the conference creates a special bond that i hope we can transfer to those who were unable to attend and inspire them to attend next year's conferences. many thanks to Tina Ackles, who served so ably as our national president in 20122013. i'm confident that her hard work (and work with heart) is an inspiration to our newly elected president, Lorie burch, as she takes the reins of leadership for 2013-2014. while there are too many to name here, i am grateful for the excellent work done by all of our conference volunteers who pitched in and helped to make this year's regional and national conference season so successful. A special shout out to Conference Co-chairs shirlene boudreaux and michelle wallace for their endless commitment to AbwA. i will miss your bling and can-do attitude, however, i'm confident that next year's Conference Co-chairs Lara neidel and Anne Pasquini will take your lead in 2014.

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WOMEN in BUSINESS - Winter 2013
ABWA Member Benefits
Letter from Executive Director
Annual Meeting Minutes
Evolution of the Cookie
Regional Conferences
The Face Behind Willow Tree
Sparkle & Shine: National Conference Highlights
The Job Survival Equation
2014 Top Ten Business Women of ABWA
The Office Santa, Secret or Not
The 2014 ABWA National Women’s Leadership Conference heads home to Kansas for the 65th Anniversary of the Association.

WOMEN in BUSINESS - Winter 2013