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ENGINEERINGINC. JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 ‚óŹ Vol. 27, No. 1 26 33 Features 2016 LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK 14 Industry leaders see indications that Congress will act on critical legislation. 20 RACING TO HELP TranSystems employees team up with Racing For Kids to rev the spirits of sick children. 26 GOING GLOBAL Guidance and resources for firms seeking opportunities in the international marketplace. 8 33 SMOOTH SAILING Results from the 2015 Professional Liability Insurance Survey of Carriers. Cover Feature 8 TURNING BACK THE TIDES Nation looks to engineering to address the threat of rising sea levels. 2016 ANNUAL CONVENTION PREVIEW 40 Join your colleagues at the 2016 Annual Convention and Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C., April 17-20. On the cover: Coastal areas such as New Orleans are increasingly affected by storm surge and rising sea levels. Departments 2 FROM ACEC TO YOU Advocacy gains set stage for further progress. 4 MARKET WATCH BUSINESS INSIGHTS Construction projections rise, yet industry executives remain cautious. MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS LEGISLATIVE ACTION How to maximize potential for a successful firm sale. 6 42 CASE contracts reflect evolving industry standards and practices. MEMBERS IN THE NEWS 46 Lucy named CEO of JQ; three-person team formed to manage Geocomp. 44 GUEST COLUMN 48 Making a list and checking it twice: Managing risk through awareness. Congress passes, president signs five-year, $305 billion transportation bill into law. COVER PHOTO: SCIENCE FACTION/GLOW IMAGES Engineering Inc. promotes the advocacy and business interests of ACEC by offering news, legislative analysis and business practice information to member firms, clients, opinion leaders and policy makers. The articles and editorials appearing in this magazine do not represent an official ACEC position or policy unless specifically identified as doing so.

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Engineering Inc. - January/february 2016
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2016 Legislative Outlook
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Smooth Sailing
2016 Annual Convention Preview
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Engineering Inc. - January/February 2016