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L E G I S L AT I V E AC T I O N ACEC OPENS 2003 WITH WINS ON HIGHWAY FUNDING, OUTSOURCING TEA -21 Reauthorization Underway 2003 Omnibus Appropriations bill. The amendment was introduced An aggressive timeframe has been set for congressional committees last year by Sen. Byron Dorgan D-N.D. , but was subsequently to draft and consider proposals that will reauthorize the Transporta- stripped from the F.Y. 2003 Treasury-Postal Appropriations bill. Sen. tion Equity Act for the 21st Century TEA-21 . This landmark bill, Barbara Mikulski D-Md. sought to re-insert the measure in the which provided a record $218 billion for highways and transit over Omnibus Appropriations bill, but her attempt was rejected 50-47 six years, expires on Sept. 30, 2003, and the respective House and following intense lobbying by ACEC and other industry groups. Senate committees intend to complete work in a timely manner to The vote closely followed party lines. Georgia's Zell Miller was the ensure the program does not lapse. only Democrat to vote against the amendment. He and his staff Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman were briefed about the dangers of anti-outsourcing legislation last James Inhofe R-Okla. wants his committee to consider and report summer by an industry coalition that included ACEC/Georgia Exec- a bill by Memorial Day, leaving June and July for debating the bill utive Director Tom Leslie and several Council members. As Leslie on the floor. House and Senate negotiators can then work out the noted after that meeting: This ongoing a perfect example differences between their respective proposals in August and Septem- of ACEC and its Member Organizations working together. ber. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman ACEC Briefs Hill Offices Don Young R-Alaska see interview on p. 12 has set a similarly on Outsourcing aggressive schedule. ACEC took a lead role in briefing ACEC is working with the respective congressional committees to C o n g re s s in early February on the incorporate its key priorities into the reauthorization proposals, essential services private firms provide including increased funding for highways and transit, more out- to federal agencies. sourcing and environmental streamlining. Sponsored by Rep. Pete Sessions R- ACEC-Supported $31.8 Billion for Highways Texas , the meeting was attended by r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s from a number of in F.Y. 2003 Omnibus Spending Bill; H o u s e member offices, including President's Budget Funds Highways at Rep. Phil Gingrey R-Ga. , Rep. Jim $29.3 Billion Gerlach R-Pa. , Rep. Mike Rogers Left to Right ACEC Vice The F.Y. 2003 Omnibus Spending bill finalized by House and Sen- R-Mich. , Rep. Roscoe Bartlett R- Chairman Jim Cagley and ate negotiators included $31.8 billion for the federal highway pro- Md. , and Rep. Michael Turner R- Rep. Pete Sessions R-Texas gram, thanks in large part to a last-minute grassroots effort by Ohio . at the briefing on outsourcing. ACEC members. Sessions, a longtime proponent of This action by Congress was the culmination of a successful year- outsourcing, said government agencies long effort by the Council to maintain the federal investment in the should be able to utilize the best peo- nation's transportation system. It will help set the stage for a success- ple out there in the marketplace. ful reauthorization of TEA-21. ACEC Vice Chairman James Cagley addressed the group with President Bush's F.Y. 2004 budget proposal, also released last examples of successful projects that his firm has undertaken as part month, includes $29.3 billion for highways, and keeps funding of outsourcing programs with various federal agencies, including the steady for transit and airport projects at $7.2 billion and $3.4 bil- Corps of Engineers. lion, respectively. If an in-house employee messes up, he or she might get a repri- The president's F.Y. 2004 budget proposal also sets a budgetary mand, Cagley said. If we mess up, we don't get any more work. outline the administration will follow in the reauthorization of TEA- That is our motivation. That is our accountability. 21 for the next 6 years. The administration has set a mark of $247 ACEC-Supported Water Legislation Gets billion over the next six years for highways and transit, compared to New Congress Off to Strong Start the $218 billion provided under TEA-21. Two ACEC-backed water infrastructure funding bills were intro- ACEC Wins Opening Outsourcing Battle duced in January. The Clean Water Infrastructure Financing Act of ACEC helped defeat a last-ditch effort in the opening days of the 2003 H.R. 20 , authorizing $25 billion over five years for waste- 108th Congress to insert anti-outsourcing legislation into the F.Y. water infrastructure projects, was introduced by Reps. Sue Kelly R- l April 2003 1 0 E N G I N E E R I N G INC. M a r c h

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Engineering Inc. - March/April 2003