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engineeringInc. may/june 2007 ● Table of conTenTs Vol. 18, no. 3 COVER STORY IntervIew wIth Congressman James oberstar The chairman of the powerful U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is a champion of our nation’s infrastructure systems. In this exclusive interview with ACEC, the Minnesota congressman discusses federal investment in highways, airports, ports and inland waterways. 10 FEATURES Port seCurIty The nation’s ports could be the next target for a terrorist attack; engineering firms are helping to prevent it. By Jim Parsons 14 22 26 water: managIng our PreCIous CommodIty Forrest MaccorMack 10 DEpARTMEnTS From aCeC to you 2 Celebrating our success and tackling critical issues. news & notes 4 California Supreme Court upholds contracting out law; DOE and the private sector invest $1.2 billion in six biorefineries; engineers help search for Homer’s Ithaca. market watCh 6 The security of the nation’s infrastructure depends on engineering expertise. legIslatIve aCtIon 8 Convention lobbying focuses on water, transportation and repeal of 3 percent withholding. “smart” ConCrete 38 Sensors embedded in concrete can provide information on a structure’s condition for 50 years. By Greg Stutz From upgrading local wastewater systems and plants to constructing new water sources for cities, ACEC members are at the forefront of water treatment and management. By Dana Wilke engIneerIng exCellenCe awards The engineering industry honors its best projects of 2007. busIness InsIghts The secrets of a good pM team; Is LEED out of date? The strengths of BIM modeling. 40 one on one 48 MWH president Robert Uhler addresses the challenges posed by climate change and how the industry can work toward a sustainable future. members In the news 42 HDR celebrates its 90th year; Popular Science recognizes Walter p. Moore for innovation on Cardinals Stadium; AECOM Technology Corp. acquires The RETEC Group, Inc.; Clark Dietz, Inc., acquires Lang Associates, Inc. 4 Engineering Inc. promotes the advocacy and business interests of ACEC by offering news, legislative analysis and business practice information to member firms, clients, opinion leaders and policy makers. The articles and editorials appearing in this magazine do not represent an official ACEC position or policy unless specifically identified as doing so.

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Water: Managing our Precious Commodity
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Engineering Inc. - May/June 2007