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Winners embrace AC E C 2 0 0 7 EnginEE ring Ex CE ll EnCE AwArds sustainability h  GRANDCoNCeptoRAwARD Montgomery Point Lock and Dam, Desha County, Ark. MWH Americas, Inc.—Chicago, Ill. The new Montgomery Point Lock and Dam overcomes the problems of low water levels that slowed or even halted shipping at this vital port where the Mississippi and White rivers meet in eastern Arkansas. The project team designed the facility to include a 300-foot-wide navigable pass and 10 first-oftheir-kind hydraulically operated bottom-lift dam gates, a 200-foot-wide overflow spillway and an 80-foot-high control building. When downstream Mississippi River elevation is normal, the innovative gates remain on the river floor, allowing the vessels to pass over them. As the river level falls, the gates are raised from the bottom to maintain a safe navigable depth behind the dam, allowing vessels to use the lock to enter or leave the channel. The system features a quick-release mechanism, which automatically lowers the gates upon being struck, and a unique dewatering system to allow maintenance on as many as five gates at a time while the channel remains open. The new facility will keep the eastern Arkansas channel open for navigation year-round; it also will help remove approximately 433,000 trucks from the region’s highways and eliminate costly dredging to keep the channel open. Innovations such as the bottom-lift gates will serve as a model for future lock and dam designs nationwide. I n addition to excellence in originality, many of this year’s Engineering Excellence Award winners demonstrate unique achievements in sustainability and energy efficiency. ACEC member firms entered an all-time record 180 projects in this year’s EEA competition, with a 25-member judging panel of industry experts and professionals from across the nation providing comprehensive analysis to determine the top 24 award winners. Judging criteria included uniqueness and originality; technical, social and economic value; complexity; success of the project in meeting goals; and how the project advanced a positive public image of engineering excellence. And the winners are 26 ENGINEERING INC. MAY / JUNE 2007

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Engineering Inc. - May/June 2007