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AMERICANGAS AMERICAN GAS Volume 95 numBer 9 AMERICAN GAS 26 f e a t u r e s Cover Story 17 Fueling the Future An updated version of the landmark 2001 study demonstrates what a difference a decade has made. Including excerpts from chapters on LDCs, power generation, CHP, transportation, and energy efficiency, and an introduction by Dr. Kathryn Clay. Profile 22 U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz discusses the role of natural gas in America's lowercarbon future. A Tight Ship 26 By gary james Mariners look to LNG as a cleaner, cheaper alternative. expanding the reach of the Gas Infrastructure 36 By peter haapaniemi Many states now see expansion as a way to reduce consumer costs and support economic development. pipeline a View From Issues 6 * New study finds lower emissions from drilling. Update 6 * Natural gas remains the best value fuel this winter. * PwC study reveals oil and gas industry's full economic impact. * Utility and gas delivery companies enjoy a happy symbiosis. need to Know 11 * Shale revolution to enrich families and reduce the deficit. by the numbers 10 A growing investment in mobile workers, devices, and applications. Places 12 departments President's message 2 With policies that embrace the new reality, we can overcome challenges that have plagued our nation for far too long. Head Start: on energy education 5 Digest 6 Shale gas becomes economic catalyst; industry adds 162,000 jobs; New York State launches CNG incentive program; and more. noVemBer 2013 The Wheels on This bus... 12 California 13 Utilities to get paid for encouraging energy efficiency. Headway 96 Andrew Soto provides an update on FERC's progress in improving coordination between the gas and electricity industries. michigan 13 In a pioneering program, residential customers pay extra for biogas. michigan 14 Consumers Energy and union reach innovative training agreement. new Jersey 15 Reinforcing distribution against the next superstorm. Long Island 16 An unusual LNG facility could reduce gas price spikes in New York. Subject Index 4 Company Profiles 32 Jobs 34 marketplace 35 CoVer illustration ove : C o v e r, An D A b By randy lyhus november 2013 AmericAn GAs 1

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American Gas - November 2013
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American Gas - November 2013