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Landfill-gas-to-energy projects are not uncommon in the commercial and transportation sectors, but the DTE project is believed to be the first of its kind in the residential context. The biogas extracted from the landfill is approximately 60 percent methane and 40 percent carbon dioxide, Marca Brown, DTE's residential program manager, told American Gas. CERF filters out the impurities to make it pipeline-quality, and the environment benefits because the biogas is not released into the atmosphere. Customers seem to like the fact that the gas comes from a local landfill, Stiers said. "We could buy gas from anywhere, but we chose to locally source our green gas, while helping improve the environment in our home state." -Jennifer Pilla Taylor michigan A Foundation for Training Consumers Energy and union reach innovative training agreement JACKSon, mI -Union and company of- ficials at Consumers Energy recently reached an agreement that will lay the foundation for future labor and training opportunities with this Michigan energy provider. Under the five-year agreement, the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) will take the lead in workforce training and development for years to come. In time, the UWUA will provide training to as many as 2,500 Consumers Energy employees-the employees and members they already represent. "This is a great opportunity for both the union and the company," said Pat Dillon, president of the Michigan State Utility Workers Council. "This training will meet all industry and company standards, and will be provided by seasoned professionals who have performed this work firsthand. "Over the last few years, the union, through the participation of its members in training, has worked together with the company to improve the skill level of employees by being actively involved in training in gas, electric, and generation," he continued. "The results speak for themselves. Today, we are turning out more highly trained and better skilled workers than ever before. This agreement is just an extension of that same concept." Introducing Our Colorado Office Expanding to Meet All of Your Needs in the Rocky Mountain Region A Natural Gas Distribution Management Company For Pipeline and Civil Survey Services, please call: Project Development * Asset Acquisitions Engineering and Constructions * Project Finance Account Administration * Compliance Operations and Maintenance * Gas Supply Management Marketing * Customer Service * Billing and Collections 970-286-2199 Offices in Michigan & Colorado 4100 Holiday Street NW Suite 201, Canton Ohio 44718 P: 1.330.498.9130 * F: 1.330.498.9137 14 AmericAn GAs november 1 AmericanGas_ad_CO_office_final.indd2013 1.888.863.0032 10/21/13 10:45 AM

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American Gas - November 2013
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American Gas - November 2013