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With policies that embrace the new reality, we can overcome challenges that have plagued our nation for far too long By Dave MccurDy president's Message the Full journey oF natural gas i t is fitting that we call shale deposits "unconventional." The abundance we have unlocked from these assets has changed the energy landscape forever. We don't need to look too far back to see the trajectory of this energy revolution. In 2001, the American Gas Foundation released a major study on the potential for market growth for natural gas titled Fueling the Future, at a time when conventional wisdom held that the United States was entering an era of natural gas scarcity. Fueling the Future was a landmark study that profoundly influenced the national conversation on energy policy. A few years later, a process of combining hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling pioneered by George P. Mitchell gained widespread acceptance for its ability to successfully produce natural gas from less conventional hydrocarbon reservoirs. Mitchell provided the crucible to make the opportunity efficient and economical. This new technology transformed our industry, breathed new life into our economy, and ultimately shaped the course of history. It unlocked natural gas from unconventional shale and tight sandstone formations sufficient to last at least 100 years at current rates of consumption. The unconventional shale natural gas revolution has upended long-held notions of natural gas supply and cost. In light of this, the trustees of the American Gas Foundation decided to revisit the original Fueling the Future study-updating its vision of demand growth for today's energy landscape. Highlighted in this issue of American Gas and with more information soo to be available at, the new study looks beyond conventional projections of natural gas demand and considers technologies and potential markets that, to date, have been overlooked or underappreciated. Amidst the considerable wealth of research, analysis, and punditry that has surrounded the growth in natural gas supply, this new study cuts through the clutter to tell the LDC story, discussing specific opportunities, as well as across economic sectors, for greater and more efficient use of natural gas. 2 AmericAn GAs november 2013 There is ample room for expansion of the domestic market for natural gas, and this energy future will be built upon the foundation of our more than 2 million miles of natural gas pipelines. We must continue to tell the story of how the full journey of natural gas, from production to consumption, provides consumers with long-term and sustainable cost savings through its incredible safety and efficiency. Our nation's new reality of affordable, abundant natural gas requires new thinking and visionary policies. This issue of American Gas profiles a leader who shares our vision of the importance of natural gas. U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz understands that we can move our nation forward with natural gas playing a key role in a clean and secure energy portfolio. I have had the pleasure of working with him at several points in our careers, and he brings a lot to the table, including his background in science, management experience, and a familiarity with policy. As you can see from his statements in these pages and elsewhere, he recognizes that we need unconventional thinking to build a sustainable energy future. Reports like Fueling the Future and leaders like Dr. Moniz are harbingers of a new era. With policies that embrace this new reality, we can overcome the challenges that have plagued our nation for far too long. Combined with renewables and energy efficiency, our domestic abundance of natural gas provides an incredible opportunity to meet our national goals of boosting our economy, improving our environment, and increasing our energy security. u President and ceO,

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American Gas - November 2013
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American Gas - November 2013