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in this section natural gas remains best value fuel for winter 6 A look at the industry's full economic impact 7 shale revolution may reduce the deficit 10 head start: On Energy Education Unitil, which serves electric and natural gas customers in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, recently launched the e-SMART website (seen above and to the left) to expand students' knowledge of gas and electric science, safety, energy efficiency, and sustainability. The site includes kid-friendly games, videos, puzzles, and projects to spark their interest, and offers teachers resources for incorporat- ing energy science and safety in their lesson plans. "The Travels of Natural Gas" page, for example, traces the journey of a single molecule of gas from wellhead to burner tip. The site also gives kids a place to ask and receive answers to their energy-related questions, such as, "Who discovered natural gas?" To find out, visit www. and click on "Ask an Expert." -Jennifer Pilla Taylor november 2013 AmericAn GAs 5

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American Gas - November 2013
President’s Message
Subject Index
Head Start: On Energy Education
By the Numbers
Need to Know
The Wheels on the Bus...
New Jersey
Long Island
Fueling the Future
U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz
A Tight Ship
Expanding the Reach of the Gas Infrastructure
Company Profiles

American Gas - November 2013