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worst in Lake Tahoe’s history. More than 200 homes and 3,000 acres of forest burned during the week of June 24, 2007. But TVL’s runways and ramps were ready and able to accommodate 27 fire-fighting aircraft that would save property and lives. Three months later, five agricultural aircraft flew 3,200 aerial hydro-mulch flights from the airport to stabilize soil in the Angora Fire site. Lake Tahoe Airport also serves as one of Calstar’s (California Shock Trauma Air Rescue) eight bases. Program manager Tom Pandola praises the utility of the MD Explorer heli- Calstar Medevac helicopter taking off in front of the Lake Tahoe Airport terminal building. TVL is one of eight bases for the company. The Most Respected Name in Pilot Certification hired OVER 350 ATP Graduateslast 12 by Airlines in the months! copter equipped with a Notar antitorque system. Notar or “no tail rotor,” facilitates loading and unloading patients through the air ambulance’s rear door. The Explorer, with one pilot and two flight nurses, assures patients a safe and quiet ride onboard the mini intensive care unit while receiving urgent care en route to a medical facility. THE BEST AIRLINE PLACEMENT RECORD The sunset As the sun prepares to settle behind the peaks of nearby ski resorts, Bellotto’s R44 makes one last pass over the airport. The runway suspends like a beautiful pendant from the ribbon of road running along the shore of one of the deepest alpine lakes in the world (1,645 feet). “Spectacular” does not adequately describe the vista of the glorious lake and mountains aglow with warm sunrays. While the airport community settles in for the evening, Golden and his Mooney depart quietly over the lake. Airport Director Jenkins closes up for the day, the coffee pot at Mountain West Aviation is turned off, and the truffles are gone. E-mail the author at machteld.smith@ Visit an expanded timeline of Lake Tahoe Airport’s 50-year history and additional links to area activities online ( TRANS STATES AIRLINES® Pin nacle A i r l i nes, Inc. AIRLINK Connect with a Pilot Career Coach. Make informed decisions about your career path. Request a coach for FREE at All Prices offered thru March 31, 2008. From Zero Flight Time to Airline Pilot " 5 Months in Training Airline Pilot Hiring Partnerships with 10 leading airlines give you the competitive edge. Check out " Fixed Program Cost: $63,990 " Housing Included " Financing Available " 5 Months Instructing with ATP. Earn $1,600 to $2,400/month " Regional Jet Standards Certification " Airline Placement INTERACTIVE AOPA PILOT ONLINE Sign up for a Pilot Career Coach today at See more “Day in the Life of America’s Airports” stories on AOPA Pilot Online. 20 LOCATIONS NATIONWIDE 800 -255-2877 • 904-273- 3018 AOPA PILOT • 140 • MARCH 2008

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