ASHRAE Insights - February 2018 - 1

ASHRAE Insights  February 2018



February 2018
Volume 33
Number 1

ASHRAE Honors Outstanding Members
ASHRAE recognized the outstanding achievements and contributions of
members to furthering energy efficiency
in the HVAC&R industry during the 2018
ASHRAE Winter Conference in Chicago.
The awards and their recipients are
highlighted in this issue.

F. Paul Anderson Award
Steven T. Taylor, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE received the F.
Paul Anderson Award. The
award is given for notable
achievement of outstanding
services performed in the
HVAC&R field. The award,
ASHRAE's highest given for technical
achievement, is named in memory of Presidential Member F. Paul Anderson, who was
a pioneer in the study of environmental
conditions for comfort.

E.K. Campbell Award of Merit
Julia Keen, Ph.D., P.E.,
Fellow ASHRAE, received
the E.K. Campbell Award
of Merit. The award honors
an individual for outstanding
service and achievement in
teaching and is presented by
the Life Members Club.


John F. James International
Timothy C. Dwyer, C.Eng.,
Fellow ASHRAE, received the
John F. James International
Award. The award recognizes
a member who has done the
most to enhance the Society's
international presence.


Historical Minute
Ice Industry Goes to the Birds

"Under the heading 'Ice Water for Pigeons,' a dispatch from Boston recently
appeared in a New York newspaper
which read:
'Boston's pigeons may be seen each
morning getting a drink of water from
the cakes of ice left on curbings and in
doorways for water coolers in the various offices.'
"The sort of conditions which result in this type of publicity have no
tendency to help the water cooler
business or the ice business in general
and have prompted the office bard to
break forth in the following lyrics.
... Keep the bird bath in the garden!
Shield the ice in other words;
Don't get that kind of publicity-
Keep the industry safe from the birds!"
-From "Ice Water vs. Pigeons"
Refrigerating World, September 1932,
p. 22

25 Elevated to Fellow

Fellow ASHRAE is a membership grade that recognizes
members who have attained distinction and made substantial
contributions in HVAC&R such as education, research, engineering design and consultation, publications and mentoring.
The Society elevated 25 members to the grade of Fellow:
* Andreas Athienitis, Ph.D., Eng., professor, BCEE Department & NSERC/Hydro Quebec Industrial Research
Chair and Director, Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies, Concordia University, Montreal.
* Frederick W. Betz, Life Member ASHRAE, senior mechanical engineer, PEDCO E & A Services, Inc., Cincinnati,
* Jeff G. Boldt, P.E., HBDP, director of innovation and
quality, IMEG Corp., Madison, Wis.
* James A. Carlson, president, Seismic Source International, Omaha, Neb.
* B. Keith Dunnavant, P.E., vice president, Sales/Americas, Data Center Division, Munters Corporation, Buena
Vista, Va.
* Deep Ghosh, P.E., principal/lead engineer, Southern
Nuclear, Birmingham, Ala.
* Katherine G. Hammack, executive director, performance
improvement, government and public sector services, Ernst
& Young, McLean, Va.
* Traci A. Hanegan, P.E., HFDP, principal, Coffman
Engineers, Inc., Spokane, Wash.
* Adam W. Hinge, P.E., managing director, Sustainable
Energy Partnerships, Tarrytown, N.Y.
* Ronald E. Jarnagin, Presidential Member ASHRAE,
principal owner, RLK Technical Consultants, Richland,
* Shaobo Jia, Ph.D., principal engineer, global research
and development, Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, Stone
Mountain, Ga.
* Jay A. Kohler, P.E., director, technology and innovation,
chiller solutions, Johnson Controls, New Freedom, Pa.
* Edwin J. Langebartel, P.E., senior discipline engineer,
mechanical, Coffman Engineers, Spokane, Wash.
* Qiao Lu, Ph.D., P.E., senior staff scientist and engineer,
Rockwell Collins (B/E Aerospace Inc.), Anaheim, Calif.
* Raj M. Manglik, Ph.D., professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Thermal-Fluids & Thermal
Processing Laboratory, University of Cincinnati.
* Mark O. McLinden, Ph.D., chemical engineer, National
Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, Colo.


























* R. Lee Millies, Jr., P.E., president, Millies Engineering Group,
Munster, Ind.
* Alessandro Sandelewski, Ph.D., Ing., Life Member ASHRAE, technical director, ASC Engineering SRL, Milan, Italy.
* Dilip R. Sarda, director, Synergy Agrothech PVT Ltd., Ahmedabad,
Gujarat, India.
* Jeffrey Siegel, Ph.D., professor, Department of Civil Engineering,
University of Toronto.
* Luca Stefanutti, P.E., owner, Studio Ing. Stefanutti, Milan, Italy.
* Rex Stockwell, P.E., senior engineering consultant, Vibrantcy, Albuquerque, N.M.
* Wei Sun, P.E., president and CEO, Engysco, Ann Arbor and Farmington
Hills, Mich.
* Adrienne Thomle, retired global product manager, Honeywell International, Reno, Nev.
* Gerald J. Williams, P.E., Life Member ASHRAE, partner/senior vice
president, 8760 Engineering, St. Louis.
See ASHRAE Honors and Awards, Page 2

New AEDG Focuses on K-12 Schools
A new publication is now available to
empower owners, contractors, consulting
engineers, architects, designers and administrators of K-12 school buildings to
cost-effectively achieve advanced levels of
energy savings.
The Advanced Energy Design Guide for
K-12 School Buildings-Achieving Zero
Energy, is the first in a series of guides that
is tailored to the design and creation of zero
energy buildings.
The guides are developed by ASHRAE,
the American Institute of Architects (AIA),
the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES),
the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC),
and with support and funding from the U.S.
Department of Energy (DOE) through the
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The guides are available as free downloads at
"The guide builds upon the popular
50% advanced energy design guide series
with new and updated recommendations on
energy efficiency. Additionally, it provides
guidance for on-site renewable energy
generation and establishes a set of energy
performance goals for achieving zero energy.
The goals are provided for all ASHRAE climate zones, in both site and source energy,"
said Paul Torcellini, Ph.D., P.Eng., Member
ASHRAE, project committee chair.
Strategies for achieving energy targets
are provided throughout the guide and cover
how to set measurable goals, hire design
teams committed to that goal, use simulation throughout the design and construction
process, and maintain awareness about how

process decisions affect energy usage.
As in previous guides, the how-to tips
provide specific direction broken into specialty areas-building and site planning,
envelope, daylighting, electric lighting,
plug loads, kitchens and food service, water
heating, HVAC and renewable generation.
Each section contains multiple tips that
move the design incrementally toward the
zero-energy goal.
Case studies and technical examples illustrate that the energy goals are achievable
at typical construction budgets, as well as
demonstrate the technologies in real-world
To learn more and download Advanced
Energy Design Guide for K - 12 School
Buildings-Achieving Zero Energy, visit

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of ASHRAE Insights - February 2018

ASHRAE Honors Outstanding Members
F. Paul Anderson Award
E.K. Campbell Award of Merit
John F. James International Award
25 Elevated to Fellow
New AEDG Focuses on K–12 Schools
Historical Minute: Ice Industry Goes to the Birds
Student Design Competition
ASHRAE Hall of Fame
Award of Engineering Excellence
ASHRAE Technology Awards
ASHRAE Pioneers of Industry Award
New Portal Eases Access to Standard 90.1 Resources
ASHRAE Certifications Earned Around the World
Indirect Evaporative Cooling Contest Highlights Monterrey FIME Celebration
International Congress Held During FIME Anniversary
LowDown Showdown Again Going Down at SimBuild
ASHRAE Journal and the Origin of Pakistan Chapter
Knight Wins National Award
ASHRAE Certifications
ASHRAE-Endorsed Conferences
Member Advancement
ASHRAE Insights - February 2018 - Historical Minute: Ice Industry Goes to the Birds
ASHRAE Insights - February 2018 - New Portal Eases Access to Standard 90.1 Resources
ASHRAE Insights - February 2018 - ASHRAE Journal and the Origin of Pakistan Chapter
ASHRAE Insights - February 2018 - Member Advancement