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ASHRAE Insights  February 2018

ASHRAE Honors and Awards

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Student Design Competition

ASHRAE Hall of Fame

The Student Design Competition focused on a new singlestory meteorological station in the Diego Ramirez Islands (Islas
Diego Ramirez), Chile.
First place in the HVAC Design Calculations category
was awarded to San Jose State University. Team members are
Wilton Chang, Matthew Le, Aditya Mairal, Austin Stevenson
and Suraj Thapa.
First place in the HVAC System Selection category was
awarded to Warsaw University of Technology. Team members
are Dagmara Cwiek, Tomasz Kolsicki, Karolina Kowal and
Bartłomiej Tokarzewski.
First place in the category of Integrated Sustainable Building Design was awarded to the University of Central Florida.
Team members are Itza Beltran, Matthew Coalson, Karena
Wai-Ling Edminister, Toby Miles, Samad Syed and Woranart
The Setty Family Foundation Applied Engineering ChalCoalson
lenge required students to plan, develop and enact solutions to
sustainability issues in their local or regional areas.
The first place student team, from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, designed
a retrofit evaporative cooled system to reduce the energy consumption of a
typical residential air-conditioning system using harvested and/or reclaimed
water for a residence in Atlanta. Team members are Antonio De Jesus Aguayo,
Sean Bybee, Sunghoon Chung, and Austin Hochstetler.

Lynn G. Bellenger, P.E.,
Presidential/Fellow Member
ASHRAE; and Seichi (Bud)
Konzo were inducted into
the ASHRAE Hall of Fame.
The ASHRAE Hall of Fame
honors deceased members of
the Society who have made
milestone contributions to the
growth of ASHRAE-related
technology or the development of ASHRAE as a society.









The Award of Engineering Excellence was created in 1989 to recognize a first place winner of the
Technology Award competition for an outstanding
application of innovative design and effective energy
utilization. The recipient of the Award of Engineering









Excellence has demonstrated the best overall compliance with the judging criteria. The award was last
presented in 2014. This year's recipients are Jonathan
R. Rumohr, P.E. and Jesse Hendershot in the existing educational facilities category for the Heritage
Hall Alumni Center at Western Michigan University.












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ASHRAE Technology Awards
The ASHRAE Technology Awards
recognize outstanding achievements
by ASHRAE members who have successfully applied innovative building
Their designs incorporate ASHRAE
standards for effective energy management and indoor air quality and serve
to communicate innovative systems
Winning projects are selected from
entries earning regional awards.
First place recipients are:
* Roland Charneux, Pageau Morel
et Associés, Montreal, f irst place,
New Commercial Buildings category,
Mountain Equipment Co-Op Head
Office, Vancouver, BC, Canada. The
building is owned by the Mountain
Equipment Co-Op.
* Mark C. Hersch, P.E. and Holly M.
Stevens, P.E., MODUS, Des Moines,
Iowa, first place, Existing Commercial
Buildings category, Market One LLC,
Des Moines, Iowa. The building is
owned by Market One.
* Raymond L. Beaufait, P.E., CMTA
Consulting Engineers, Prospect, Ky.,
first place, New Educational Facilities category, Discovery Elementary
School, Arlington, Va. The building is
owned by Arlington Public Schools.
* Steven T. Taylor, P.E., Fellow
ASHRAE, Taylor Engineering LLC,
Alameda, Calif.; Todd Gottshall, P.E.,
Western Allied Mechanical, Menlo
Park, Calif.; David Heinzerling, P.E.,
Taylor Engineering LLC, Alameda,

The ASHRAE Pioneers
of Industry Award recognizes deceased individuals
who have made milestone
contributions to the growth of
HVAC&R. The recipient, Sadi
Carnot (1796 - 1832), was
a French military engineer and physicist,
often described as the "father of thermodynamics." Carnot's work attracted little
attention during his lifetime, but it was later
used by Rudolf Clausius and Lord Kelvin
to formalize the second law of thermodynamics and define the concept of entropy.

New Portal Eases Access
To Standard 90.1 Resources




ASHRAE Pioneers of Industry

Innovative Projects Earn Technology Awards
Award of Engineering Excellence


Calif.; and Allan Daly,
P.E., Albany, Calif., fi rst
place, New Other Institutional Buildings category,
San Francisco Museum of
Modern Art, San Francis- St. Georges
co. The building is owned
by San Francisco Museum of Modern
* Eric Michael Fullerton, P.E.,
HFDP; Adam M. McElderry; and
Andrew Jester, Bernhard TME, Little
Rock, Ark., first place, Health Care
Facilities Existing Building Commissioning category, Pineville Enterprise
Energy Management Phase 1, Charlotte, N.C. The building is owned by
Carolinas Healthcare System.
* Samuel Paradis and Yves St.
Georges, P.Eng., SNC-Lavalin,
Montreal. f irst place, New Public
Assembly category, Amphithéâtre
Multifonctionnel de Québec (Centre
Videotron), Québec City, QC, Canada.
The building is owned by Ville de

A new online portal makes it easier for
building professionals to access the suite
of resources related to ASHRAE Standard
90.1, Energy Standard for Buildings Except
Low-Rise Residential Buildings.
"ASHRAE Standard 90.1 is used globally as an industry benchmark for setting
minimum energy performance standards
and energy codes," said Drake Erbe, Member ASHRAE, chair of ASHRAE's Standard
90.1 committee. "Bringing all 90.1-related
resources together in one location will
empower building professionals to focus
more on delivering energy efficiency requirements, knowing they have access to the
most current Standard 90.1 information."
Users visit to
set up login credentials and access the portal. Once inside, users can personalize their
experience to access up-to-date Standard
90.1 resources in one consolidated location.
Features of the portal include:
* A multi-publication online tool that
enables users to view each publication side
by side or separately, as well as copy, paste,
print or annotate content as needed;
* The ability to view official ASHRAE
Interpretations in the context where they
* Access to the Standard 90.1 User's
Manual, which provides detailed instruction for design of commercial and high-rise
residential buildings to ensure standard
compliance. The user's manual also includes measurements and calculations in
both I-P and SI units, sample calculations,
application examples, forms to demonstrate
compliance, and references to related resources and websites; and
* A redlined version of Standard 90.1
showing what changes were made from the
previous edition.
"Standard 90.1 has proven to be an
indispensable reference for engineers and
other professionals involved in the design
of buildings and building systems. The 90.1
Portal will be a helpful companion resource
for users," said Erbe.
To learn more about the 90.1 Portal, visit

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of ASHRAE Insights - February 2018

ASHRAE Honors Outstanding Members
F. Paul Anderson Award
E.K. Campbell Award of Merit
John F. James International Award
25 Elevated to Fellow
New AEDG Focuses on K–12 Schools
Historical Minute: Ice Industry Goes to the Birds
Student Design Competition
ASHRAE Hall of Fame
Award of Engineering Excellence
ASHRAE Technology Awards
ASHRAE Pioneers of Industry Award
New Portal Eases Access to Standard 90.1 Resources
ASHRAE Certifications Earned Around the World
Indirect Evaporative Cooling Contest Highlights Monterrey FIME Celebration
International Congress Held During FIME Anniversary
LowDown Showdown Again Going Down at SimBuild
ASHRAE Journal and the Origin of Pakistan Chapter
Knight Wins National Award
ASHRAE Certifications
ASHRAE-Endorsed Conferences
Member Advancement
ASHRAE Insights - February 2018 - Historical Minute: Ice Industry Goes to the Birds
ASHRAE Insights - February 2018 - New Portal Eases Access to Standard 90.1 Resources
ASHRAE Insights - February 2018 - ASHRAE Journal and the Origin of Pakistan Chapter
ASHRAE Insights - February 2018 - Member Advancement