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ASHRAE Insights  February 2018


ASHRAE Certifications
Earned Around the World

Members of the Pakistan Chapter listen to a presentation.

ASHRAE Journal and the
Origin of Pakistan Chapter
Before there was an ASHRAE Pakistan
Chapter, there was the ASHRAE Journal Club.
In December 2002, about 40 people
attended the first ASHRAE Journal Club
meeting in Karachi, Pakistan-about a year
before the ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter was
formed. Fifteen years later, the club continues to discuss technical features from
the Journal in addition to other chapter
Two of Pakistan's senior ASHRAE
members-Ainul Abedin, Fellow/Life
Member ASHRAE, and the late Humayun
Zaheer, Associate Member ASHRAE-
formed the ASHRAE Journal Club because

"there was no source of technical information relating to HVAC, which could be
disseminated to practicing engineers within
the country," said Mohammad Abbas Sajid,
P.E., Member ASHRAE, who has served as
president of the ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter and sub-regional chair for ASHRAE's
Pakistani ASHRAE members wanted to
provide technical activities to encourage
young engineers, but the members initially
had difficulty garnering enough support to
apply to become a chapter, he said. So, the
ASHRAE Journal Club was born to provide
technical information to those members.

LowDown Showdown Again
Going Down at SimBuild

Each year, ASHRAE hosts its annual LowDown Showdown modeling
competition, which showcases the work of four teams to use their design and
modeling skills to create a near net-zero energy building.
The 4th Annual ASHRAE LowDown
Showdown will be held in conjunction with
the 2018 Building Performance Analysis
Conference and SimBuild, which is coorganized by ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA.
The conference will be held Sept. 26 - 28
in Chicago.
The focus of the 2018 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild
is the adoption of new techniques and workflows to advance modeling and simulation
to meet the growing challenges faced by
today's designers and modelers. In that spirit,
the 2018 LowDown Showdown challenges
teams to go beyond just achieving an energy
efficient building, and use their ingenuity to
include elements of conference themes into
their design and analysis.
Getting to "near net zero" will be a part
of the model building baseline. That in and
of itself will be a challenge, as the model
building for 2018 is a 60,000 ft2 (5574 m2)
museum (new construction) located in
Denver, and to include retail space and a
full-service restaurant.
The goal of the 2018 competition is to
engage participants in a collaborative and
fun learning experience that explores new

advances in building science, modeling and
Each team will create and submit a poster of their building design, a performance
analysis model and results spreadsheet,
and write a one-page narrative on project
workflow. Participants will also be required
to submit graphics to Project StaSIO, an
online crowd sourced repository of modeling graphics and images.
Modeling and calculation workflow,
building designs, systems and control
strategies should be creative without being
implausible from a cost standpoint. To that
end, one of the requirements will be a cost
per square foot spending limit. However,
each team may include two (2) elements in
its project that are not required to be included
in the project costs. Teams will be judged in
two phases. Phase 1 will be based on their
initial entry. Phase 2 judging will occur at
the conference after teams have presented
their projects. Teams will be judged on seven
categories: creativity, innovative approaches,
workflow, energy use, calibration, teamwork
and presentation.
Questions and comments can be emailed
to Christopher Preyor,

Of the 1,727 ASHRAE Certifications
currently held, 22.6%, or about 390, of the
certifications have been earned by professionals living outside the United States.
Certificants from more than 35 countries
have earned at least one of ASHRAE's seven
certifications in key built-environment jobs.
The United States has the most earned
certifications-1,336-followed by Canada
at 153.
Other than the United States and Canada,
the following countries account for the most
current certificants:
* United Arab Emirates: 52
* Hong Kong: 21
* Greece: 17
* Saudi Arabia: 13
* Mexico: 10
* Brazil, Egypt and India: nine each
ASHRAE certifications are recognized
by more than 35 national, state and local
government bodies.

The countries where most ASHRAE
certifications are earned.
To earn an ASHRAE certif ication,
applicants must submit a completed application documenting education and
work experience eligibility criteria and-if
approved to sit for the exam-pass an
Certification exams are only given in
English, but non-native English speakers
can receive an additional 30 minutes of testing time to ensure they are afforded enough
time to demonstrate competency.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling Contest
Highlights Monterrey FIME Celebration
The recent week-long celebration of
the 70th anniversary of the Facultad de
Ingenieria Mecanica y Electrica (FIME)
of UANL was highlighted by the 7th Annual Indirect Evaporative Cooling Contest,
sponsored by the FIME and the ASHRAE
Monterrey Chapter.
The main objective of the contest is to
design, build and test a simple device that,
using the principles of indirect evaporative
cooling, can lower temperatures as much
as possible.
Sixty-eight students made up 17 teams
whose projects were evaluated by the
judges, all engineering professionals:
Francisco Gastelum, Jose Félix Laveaga,
Armando Berman, Ricardo Gomez, Alfredo
Muñiz, Pedro Garza, Arnoldo García, Juan
Soto; Oscar Ricaño; Alberto Suarez; Jose
Félix Laveaga, and Q.I. Eleazar Rivera, and
Region VIII student activities chair Christopher J. Ahne. FIME professors Jorge Aldaco
and Francisco Guevara also were judges.
The judges considered the time each system took to finalize its temperature change;
the wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures in

the enclosure; the indirect air coil outlet
temperature and the percent relative humidity in the air from the side of the indirect
cooling; as well as the best design structure
of the device to evaluate and determine the
teams that developed the three best devices.
The first-place winners were Edgar
Guajardo, Roberto Reyes and Rolando
The second-place winners were Alexis
Rodriguez, Ismael Morales, Ezequiel Morales, and Alejandro Lara.
The third-place winners were Daniel
Duarte, Ernesto Lopez, Sergio Rodriguez
and Jorge Alonso.
The best structural design winners were
Catalina Martinez, Karla Neira, Alec
Garza and David Rodriguez.
The winners were awarded with various
scholarships and recognitions granted by
the FIME and the Monterrey Chapter.
The Monterrey Chapter thanks Christopher J. Ahne, Region VIII Chair of Students
Activities; and Jonathan I. Symko, regional
director, Region VIII, for visiting and lending their support for the activity.

International Congress Held During FIME Anniversary
Monterrey Chapter held the 24th International Congress on Education, Science
and Technology during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Facultad
de Ingenieria Mecanica y Electrica (FIME). Three sessions were held during
the congress: The Tendencies of Refrigerants, by Irving Grimaldo; Plate
Exchangers and Their Applications in HVAC, by Carlos A. Cavazos; and The
Origin of the ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation Standard, by Don Stevens (pictured).


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ASHRAE Certifications Earned Around the World
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International Congress Held During FIME Anniversary
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ASHRAE Journal and the Origin of Pakistan Chapter
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