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ASHRAE Insights  February 2018

Knight Wins National Award Jose
G. Angulo
Dennis Knight, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE,
received the National Institute of Building Sciences' (NIBS) Member Award
last month at Building Innovation 2018.
The award recognizes Knight's work
on developing the Institute's National
BIM Guide for Owners (NBGO) and
leading ASHRAE's efforts to promote
the NBGO as an ANSI standard.
Knight, who is from Mount Pleasant,
S.C., is a member of ASHRAE's Board
of Directors, Members Council, Planning
Committee, the Executive Committee's
President-Elect Advisory Committee,
among other committees.
He was awarded a Chapter Service

Dennis Knight, P.E., (center) receives
the Institute Member Award from
NIBS President Henry Green (left)
and NIBS Chair Stephen Ayers.
Award in 2003, a Regional Award of Merit in 2009 and was named an ASHRAE
Fellow in 2013.

Building Commissioning Professional (BCxP)
The BCxP certification validates competency to lead, plan, coordinate and manage
a commissioning team to implement commissioning processes in new and existing
Kyle Boston, ASHRAE Western Michigan
David J. Boynton P.E., ASHRAE San
Joaquin Chapter
Carmen Cejudo, ASHRAE Puget Sound
Rebecca T. Ellis, P.E., ASHRAE Minnesota Chapter
Gerry B. Fitzsimmons, ASHRAE Toronto
Chrystelle Beverley Fortner, ASHRAE
Nashville Chapter
Michael Kalemkaryan, ASHRAE Southern California Chapter
Allyssa Kuseske
Andrew Jason LeMaire, ASHRAE Rocky
Mountain Chapter
David A. MacLean, ASHRAE Houston
Matt Nelson, ASHRAE Cleveland Chapter
Catherine Newkold
William Rice
Spiros Rigas, ASHRAE Toronto Chapter
Travis R. Short, ASHRAE Kansas City
David F. Shumway, ASHRAE Alaska
David A. Stewart, ASHRAE Kansas City
Robert L. Symmes, P.E., ASHRAE Central Florida Chapter
Marcos Antonio Vargas Pereira, ASHRAE
Brasil Chapter

Min-Hwan Yang, ASHRAE National
Capital Chapter
High-Performance Building Design Professional
The HBDP certification, an ANSI accredited certification program, validates
competency to design and integrate sustainable HVAC&R systems into high performing buildings.
Kian Nam NG, ASHRAE Malaysia
Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP)
The BEMP certification, an ANSIaccredited certification program, validates
competency to evaluate, select, implement,
calibrate and interpret the results of energy
modeling software when applied to new
and existing building and systems energy
performance. BEMPs also qualify to perform As Designed ratings for ASHRAE's
Building Energy Quotient (bEQ) program.
Brian J. Gemmell, ASHRAE Richmond
Navid Pourmousavian, ASHRAE Toronto
Healthcare Facility Design Professional (HFDP)
The HFDP certification validates competency to incorporate standards, guidelines
and regulatory codes as well as unique
healthcare facility requirements and design
principles in HVAC system design.
Mikhail Fuks, ASHRAE Southern California Chapter
Stephen P. Kazim, ASHRAE Orange
Empire Chapter

The following members were approved
for advancement to Member grade during
December 2017.
Kent Beason, East Texas
Yan Chen, Oregon
John J. Currie, Austin
Petros Dalavouras, Hellenic
Nelson Fumo, East Texas
Bradley S. Herbeck, Detroit
Todd C. Kwao-vovo, Central Pennsylvania
Bungane Mehlomakulu, Austin
Dereck Rowe, Bluegrass
Todd A. Schmitt, Austin
Donald P. Smith, Austin
Clifford P. Swain, Northern Alberta
Drew Williams, Austin
Thomas Yan, Golden Gate
The requirements are that a Member
have the equivalent of 12 Society-approved
years of experience composed of an approved combination of: (1) completed
education beyond high school; (2) work

experience; and (3) professional engineering or related registration or license issued
by a legally authorized body.
To advance from Associate to Member,
you must update your ASHRAE bio online,
and notify that
you have an updated bio and wish to be
considered for grade advancement.

Tips for updating bios:
1. Log into by selecting
'Log in' in the upper right corner. Enter your
email and password and select 'Log In.'
2. Pull down 'Hello ASHRAE' to 'My
Profile' in the upper right corner of the
3. Click 'My ASHRAE,' then 'Manage.'
On the next page, click 'My Profile.' Add
all educational degrees, work history, and
relevant professional licenses.
4. Confirm that your contact information
is current by selecting 'Contact Information.'

73; Member ASHRAE; Vigo, Spain;
joined ASHRAE in 1989.

treasurer, secretary, delegate, alternate,
administrator and membership promotion
chair for the ASHRAE Bangalore Chapter.

Bill C. Bivins, Jr.
60; Member ASHRAE; Pinson, Ala.;
joined ASHRAE in 1995.

Carroll E. Neser, Jr.
97; Life Member ASHRAE; Catonsville,
Md.; joined ASHRAE in 1966.

Lewis P. M. Brooks, P.E.
92; Life Member ASHRAE; Burlingame, Calif.; joined ASHRAE in 1971.

Laurier Nichols, P.E.
69; Fellow/Life Member; Longueuil,
Quebec, Canada; joined ASHRAE in 1987.
He served as a member of the ASHRAE
Special Publications Committee, the Region II/Regional Vice Chair for ASHRAE's
Technical, Energy and Government Activities Committee and as a regional alternative
and delegate for ASHRAE's Nominating
Committee. Nichols was a member of
the following Technical Committees: TC
7.1, Integrated Building Design; TC 7.4,
Exergy Analysis for Sustainable Buildings
(EXER); TC 7.5, Smart Building Systems;
and TC 7.6, Building Energy Performance.
In the ASHRAE Montreal Chapter, he
served as: the president, delegate, chapter
ETA rep and on Technical, Energy and Government Activities committee. He received
the following awards from ASHRAE: the
1999 ASHRAE Technology Award, the 2006
ASHRAE Technology Award and the 2008
Chapter Service Award. He was awarded
second place in the 2011 ASHRAE Technology Awards and an honorable mention in the
2013 ASHRAE Technology Awards. He was
named an ASHRAE Fellow in 2004.

Gregory A. Florenzo
52; Member ASHRAE; Clarksville,
Md.; joined ASHRAE in 1997. He served
on the Board of Governors and as president, president elect, treasurer, secretary,
delegate, alternate, chapter technology
transfer chair and newsletter editor for the
ASHRAE Baltimore Chapter.
Daniel C. McNeil
92; Life Member ASHRAE; Atlanta,
Ga.; joined ASHRAE in 1981. He served
as a member of ASHRAE's Members
Council and Publishing and Education
Council and as chair, vice member and
as a member on the Society's Admissions
And Advancement Committee. He was
also vice chair, program subcommittee
chair, ALI Coordinator and a member of
TC 1.6, Terminology, and a member of the
TC on valves. He received the following
awards: the 1981 Regional Award of Merit,
the Distinguished Service Award in 1992,
the 50-Year Member Award in 1999, the
Distinguished 50-Year Member Award in
2000 and the 2003 Chapter Service Award.
Sagiraju Nagaraju
49; Member ASHRAE; Bangalore,
India; joined ASHRAE in 2009. He served
as president, president elect, vice president,

Lloyd S. Smith
53; Member ASHRAE; Fernie, B.C.,
Canada; joined ASHRAE in 2008.
Leslie B. Swan Jr.
80; Life Member ASHRAE; Newington,
Conn.; joined ASHRAE in 1965.

Cold Climate HVAC 2018, March
12 - 15, Kiruna, Sweden. Endorsed by
ASHRAE. Contact Dennis Johansson,
Building Services, chair, at dennis. or
Global Women in STEM Leadership
Summit, March 19 - 20, Atlanta. Endorsed
by ASHRAE. Contact Takoi Hamrita at
706-542-1973,, or www.
ACEEE Hot Water Forum, March
20 - 22, Portland, Ore. Endorsed by
ASHRAE Contact the American Council for
an Energy-Efficient Economy at 202-5074000 or
13th International HVAC&R Technology Symposium. April 12 - 14, Istanbul, Turkey. Endorsed by ASHRAE.
Contact the Turkish Society of HVAC and
Sanitary Engineers (TTMD) at 90 312 419
45 71, or www.ttmd.
Roomvent Ventilation, June 2 - 5,
Espoo, Finland. Endorsed by ASHRAE.
Contact Jorma Säteri, executive manager of
the Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality
and Climate (FiSIAQ) at or
2018 ASHRAE Annual Conference,
June 23 - 27, Houston. Contact ASHRAE

at 800-527-4723,, or
1st IIR International Conference on
the Application of HFO Refrigerants,
Sept. 2 - 5, Birmingham, England, United
Kingdom. Endorsed by ASHRAE. Contact
organizers at or www.
IBPC 2018, Sept. 23 - 26, Syracuse,
N.Y. Endorsed by ASHRAE. Contact organizers at
2018 Building Performance Analysis
Conference & SimBuild, Sept. 26 - 28,
Chicago. Endorsed by ASHRAE and
IBPSA-USA Contact ASHRAE at 800527-4723, or http://
AHR Expo-Mexico, Oct. 2 - 4, Mexico
City. Cosponsored by ASHRAE. Contact
the International Exposition Company at
The Third International Conference
on Efficient Building Design, Oct. 4 - 5,
Beirut, Lebanon. Contact ASHRAE at 800527-4723,, or www.


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ASHRAE Insights - February 2018 - Historical Minute: Ice Industry Goes to the Birds
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