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October 2018
Volume 33
Number 5

Online Standards Review Database Updated
Scholarships Help
Students Earn
HVAC&R Degrees
By Mary Kate McGowan,
Associate Editor, News

This year, 34 Society scholarships totaling $169,000 are helping future building professionals
receive their college degrees.
ASHRAE's scholarship program seeks to motivate students to
pursue an engineering or technology career in the HVAC&R field.
This year's scholarships range
in monetary value, but all grant
the students more flexibility to
focus on their studies.
One recipient, Riley Smith,
said his scholarship will help him
fulfill his dream of becoming a
mechanical engineer and help be
part of important science-related
"With the cost of tuition and
fees increasing every year, especially for out-of-state students
like myself, your generosity and
care are more important than
you will ever know," said Smith,
who was awarded a High School
Senior Scholarship. "I am looking
forward to joining ASHRAE at
Cal Poly and learning and working alongside peers and thought
See Scholarships, Page 2

Historical Minute
Ice Water for Pigeons
"Under the heading 'Ice
Water for Pigeons,' a dispatch
from Boston recently appeared
in a New York newspaper
which read:
"Boston's pigeons may be
seen each morning getting a
drink of water from the cakes
of ice left on curbings and in
doorways for water coolers in
the various offices.
"The sort of conditions
which result in this type of
publicity have no tendency to
help the water cooler business
or the ice business in general
and have prompted the office
bard to break forth in the following lyric:
Keep the bird bath in the
garden!/Shield the ice in other
words/Don't get that kind of
publicity/Keep the industry
safe from the birds!"
-"Ice Water vs. Pigeons"
Refrigerating World, September 1932, p. 22

ASHRAE has launched an
updated and improved online
standards review database that allows members and non-members
access to public review drafts for
standards, guidelines, and addenda and to submit comments.
"The online standards review
database has been updated to
provide greater functionality than
our previous system," says Jeff
Littleton, ASHRAE Executive
Vice President. "The new system
improves efficiency for staff and
volunteers by providing information in a faster and a more
meaningful way. We're excited
to present such a well-integrated

database to our standards development community."
The new system offers a single
sign in feature, keeping the user
logged in if already logged into, and a new dashboard,
to easily access and highlight those
items that require attention. The
dashboard provides quick links to
individual and committee comments, committee responses to
comments, continuous maintenance
proposals, and outstanding ballots.
Additional features of the improved database include:
* Complete letter balloting within the system with downloadable
reports that demonstrate proce-

dural compliance with ASHRAE
ANSI approved standards development procedures;
* The ability to hold committee
votes on motions to approve public
review publication interpretations,
minutes and any other committee
* Voting rules that are compliant
with ASHRAE procedures, allowing for reduction of errors and
minimizing the need for members
to maintain excessive documentation;
* Automated notifications, warnings and reminders directly from
the system, when deadlines are

* Continuous maintenance proposals entirely online; and
* The ability to view proposals
online and download proposals to
work offline.
"We're pleased to bring this
improved innovative tool to
our members and nonmembers
alike," says 2018-19 ASHRAE
President Sheila J. Hayter. "This
updated database will be an
invaluable resource toward ensuring that ASHRAE's rigorous
examination of standards is
To access the new online standards review database, visit www.

Plan Now for 2019 Winter Conference
"The Conference will provide a
valuable opportunity for sharing
of knowledge and information,
and the technical program will
provide a venue for a wide range
of presentations and discussion."

Plenary Session

The Omni Hotel will be
the headquarters hotel for
the 2019 ASHRAE Winter
Conference. It is flanked by
other Atlanta attractions,
including CNN Center, State
Farm Arena and the College
Football Hall of Fame.
The 2019 ASHRAE Winter
Conference will be held in Atlanta, Jan. 12 - 16.
The technical program, along
with committee meetings, and
the bookstore will be at the
Omni CNN Center hotel and the
adjacent Georgia World Congress
The concurrent AHR Expo will
take place at the Georgia World
Congress Center, Jan. 14 - 16.
An ASHRAE Conference
badge provides free entry to the
AHR Expo show floor.

Winter Conference plenary sessions are usually standing-roomonly events, such as at the 2018 Winter Conference in Chicago.

Technical Program
The 2019 ASHRAE Winter
Conference technical program
is comprised of eight tracks, selected to represent areas of focus
common among ASHRAE membership. The track focus areas
include Refrigeration; HVAC&R
Fundamentals and Applications;
Systems and Equipment; Common System Misapplications and
Achieving High-Performance

Building Operation after Design.
Other tracks are aimed at moving
building design, construction,
and operation forward.
"Technology, operational demands, codes, and design objectives are constantly changing.
System designers, manufacturers,
representatives, and contractors
must continually adapt to a changing industry landscape." said
Corey Metzger, conference chair.

At the opening plenary session on Jan. 12, ASHRAE award
winners will be recognized and
updates on the Society will be
The plenary
speaker will be
Grant Imahara,
former host of
T h e D i s c ov ery Channel's
For the show, he
put urban legImahara
ends to the test
using a blend of science and fun,
sometimes with explosive results.
Imahara also is an animatronics
engineering expert.
More information on the conference can be found at www.

ASHRAE Updates Legionellosis Standard
ASHRAE has published a revised edition of the standard that
provides a more comprehensive
approach to preventing the growth
and spread of Legionella.
188-2018, Legionellosis: Risk
Management for Building Water
Systems, establishes minimum
Legionellosis risk management
requirements for building water
systems. The 2018 edition provides clarification of compliance
requirements, as well as an update

to enforceable, code-intended language to facilitate adoption of the
standard for code and regulatory
The standard was originally
developed to assist designers and
building operators establish water
management plans that include
practices specific to the systems
that exist in a particular building,
campus or health care facility. It is
intended for use by those involved
in design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation,

maintenance, and service of centralized building water systems
and components.
"Standard 188 was the first
industry standard in the U.S. to
address Legionnaire's disease
prevention," said Paul Lindahl,
chair of the Standard 188 committee. "Since this standard
centers on the development and
implementation of good design,
operations and maintenance procedures, it is important to make
updates on a regular basis. The

2018 edition
of the standard focuses
on improved
usability, offering better
guidance to
minimize the
risk of this
potentially fatal disease and
save lives."
The 2018 edition of Standard
188 provides:
See Standard 188, Page 2

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