ASHRAE Insights - April 2019 - 1


April 2019
Volume 34
Number 2

Voting Begins for 2019-20 BOD Slate
Notice of the Meeting of the Members
The Meeting of the Members will begin on Saturday,
June 22, 2019, 3:15 pm CDT in the Imperial Ballroom
of the Marriott Kansas City Downtown, 200 West 12th
Street, Kansas City, MO 64105.
-Jeff Littleton, Secretary, ASHRAE Board of Directors
The 2019-20 election will begin on Tuesday, April 23,
2019 at 8:00 am EDT and close Sunday, June 23, 2019 at
Noon EDT. Members will receive ballot information via
email and can vote electronically any time prior to polls
closing. Members can also vote electronically during the
Annual Conference. Computers will be located in Room
2103 AB of the Kansas City Convention Center, 301 W
13th St, Kansas City, MO 64105. To ensure secure elections, ASHRAE staff does not have access to election log
in credentials.
Nominees' current Society activities are provided to
assist voters in choosing candidates to lead ASHRAE in the
upcoming Society year.

Executive Committee
The 2019-20 Executive Committee will include the
President, President-Elect, Treasurer, four Vice Presidents and Secretary (who is a non-voting member). The
Executive Committee makes recommendations to the
Board of Directors and may choose to act on their behalf
on time-sensitive issues between meetings.
Darryl K. Boyce will serve as Society president for 201920 because he was elected president-elect on the 20182019 ballot.

Vice Presidents
Society Vice Presidents sit on the Executive Committee
and serve as chair and vice chair of councils. Vice
Presidents also become eligible for future election as
Treasurer and President-Elect.
Malcolm Dennis Knight, P.E., Fellow
ASHRAE, BEMP, owner, Whole Building Systems, LLC, Mt. Pleasant, South
Current Service: vice president, Board
of Directors; chair, Document Review
Subcommittee; coordinating officer, Building Energy
Quotient Committee; vice chair, Technology Council;
chair, Standard Project Committee 224, Standard for the
Application of Building Information Modeling; member,
Intersociety Liaison Subcommittee and International
Standards Advisory Subcommittee; member, Multidisciplinary Task Group for Health and Wellness in the Built
Environment; Distinguished Lecturer.
Farooq Mehboob, P.E., Fellow Life
Member ASHRAE, principal consultant,
S. Mehboob & Company Consulting Engineers, Karachi, Pakistan.
Current Service: vice president, Board
of Directors; vice chair, Publishing and
Education Council; coordinating officer, Development
Committee; member, Standards Membership Model Ad
Hoc Committee; member, Appointments Roadmap
K. William (Bill) Dean, P.Eng.,
Life Member, regional site operations
manager, National Research Council
of Canada, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,
Current Service: member, PresidentElect Advisory Committee; member, Building Energy

Darryl K. Boyce, P.Eng.,
Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE,
special advisor, vice president, finance and administration, Carleton University,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Current Service: president-elect, Board of Directors; chair, Members Council; chair, President-Elect Advisory Committee; chair,
Appointments Roadmap Committee; member, ASHRAE
Headquarters Building Ad Hoc Committee; coordinating
officer, Research Promotion Committee; coordinating officer, Government Affairs Committee; coordinating officer, Chapter Technology Transfer Committee; coordinating officer, Conferences & Exposition Committee; chair,
Multidisciplinary Task Group on Occupant Behavior in
Buildings; member, Technical Committee 7.8, Owning
and Operating Cost.

Charles E. (Chuck)
Gulledge III, P.E., Member
ASHRAE, HBPD, senior mechanical engineer, Environmental Air Systems, LLC,
Greensboro, North Carolina.
Current Service: treasurer, Board of Directors;
chair, Finance Committee;
vice chair, Members Council; vice chair, President-Elect
Advisory Committee; chair, Standards Membership

Quotient Committee; member-at-large, Publishing and
Education Council; member, Cold-Climate Buildings
Design Guide Committee.
William F. (Bill) McQuade, P.E.,
Fellow ASHRAE, vice president, sector
Services, Air Conditioning, Heating, &
Refrigeration Institute, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.
Current Service: vice chair, Low
Global Warming Potential Multidisciplinary Task Group;
member, Resiliency in the Built Environment; member,
Government Affairs Committee; member, Planning Committee; corresponding member, Technical Committee
2.5, Global Climate Change; member, Technical Residential Ad Hoc Committee.

Director & Regional Chairs (DRCs)
Each region is represented on the Board by a DRC. The
DRC directs the operations for his/her region and can
expect to be appointed to serve on one Council and one or
more committees. DRCs guide standing committee activities within Board-established policy and represent each
committee at its respective council.
Historical Minute

Solidified Air
"The much talked of experiments of Professor Dewar,
the British scientist, in the production of solidified air,
appears to have stimulated the imaginative faculties
of a correspondent of an English trade journal to an
extent which must give his friends some anxiety. He
proposes the establishment of a new industry, which
is nothing more nor less than the commercial preparation of solid mountain air for use in cities. Works

Model Ad Hoc Committee; board of directors ex-officio,
Government Affairs Committee; member, Appointments
Roadmap Committee; corresponding member, Technical
Committee 9.9, Data Center Networking Equipment; corresponding member, Technical Committee 2.8, Building
Environmental Impacts and Sustainability; corresponding member, Technical Committee 2.9, Ultraviolet Air
and Surface Treatment; corresponding member, Technical Committee 7.1, Integrated Building Design; Distinguished Lecturer.

Michael C. A. (Mick)
Schwedler, P.E., Fellow
ASHRAE, applications engineering manager, Trane, La
Crosse, Wisconsin.
Current Service: vice
president, Board of Directors; chair, Technology Council; coordinating
officer, Residential Buildings Committee; coordinating
officer, Planning Committee; member, Advanced Energy
Design Guide Committee; member, Standards Membership Model Ad Hoc; coordinating officer, Environmental
Health; member, Finance Committee; member, Appointments Roadmap Committee; coordinating officer, Research Administration Committee; coordinating officer,
Refrigeration Committee; coordinating officer, Standards
Committee; coordinating officer, Technical Activities
Committee; Distinguished Lecturer.

Regional IV Director & Regional Chair
Steven A. (Steve) Marek, P.E., Member
ASHRAE, design engineer, Steve Marek,
P.E., Hanahan, South Carolina.
Current Service: corresponding
member, Technical Committee 7.3,
Operation and Maintenance Management;
region members council representative, Members Council.

Region V Director & Regional Chair
Douglas F. (Doug) Zentz, Member
ASHRAE, associate professor and program
coordinator, Ferris State University, Big
Rapids, Michigan.
Current Service: region members council
representative, Members Council; Distinguished Lecturer.

Region VI Director & Regional
Richard D. (Rick) Hermans, P.E., HFDP,
Life Member, retired, director of training
and advanced applications, McQuay International, Lino Lakes, Minnesota.
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might be started in Switzerland, new Zealand and other
salubrious hill countries for the production of solidified
Alpine air, which, sufficiently compressed and stored
in seamless steel tubes, could be exported to London,
for example, and let loose on the underground railway
and other parts of the British metropolis where such
a 'refresher' would be most appreciated. The idea is a
seductive one!"
- From "To Refresh the Cities" The Metal Worker, February 24, 1994, p.29



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