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p r e s i d e n t Engineers are well acquainted with risk. Their errors and omissions insurance makes sure of that, as does a tradition of adding safety factors when sizing HVAC components and systems. You've probably heard the maxim many times: "No one's ever gotten sued for providing too much capacity for heating and cooling!" Michael Ivanovich, Director of Industry Relations AMCA International Inc. Janet Fyock, Marketing Program Manager AMCA International Inc. Amanda Muledy, Technical Editor AMCA International Inc. Bonnie James, Art Director JAM Graphics & Publishing Air systems deserve particular attention when it comes to designing, sizing, selecting and specifying products. This issue of AMCA inmotion, now in its 10 th year of publication, addresses several ways to mitigate risk. Published by ASHRAE JOURNAL on behalf of AMCA INTERNATIONAL Greg Martin, Associate Publisher ASHRAE Journal Jay Scott, Editor ASHRAE Journal Rebecca Matyasovski, Associate Editor ASHRAE Journal AMCA International Board of Directors Pat Cockrum, President President Pottorff Dr. Geoff Sheard, Chairman of the Board President AGS Consulting LLC Tim Kilgore, Vice President President, Sales & Marketing Greenheck John Knapp, Treasurer Vice President, Air Control Solutions Ruskin Tim O'Hare, Secretary Vice President, Sales & Marketing The New York Blower Company Roberto Arias Álvarez, Director Technical Director Zitron S.A. Bek Siew Hup, Director General Manager Azen Manufacturing Pte Ltd. m e s s a g e Risk Management for Air Systems AMCA inmotion Staff W. Stephen Comstock, Publisher ASHRAE Journal 's You'll see an article about the AMCA Certified Rating Program, which was established more than 60 years ago to bring integrity to product rating data published by manufacturers in catalogs and electronic software. Specifying AMCA-certified products means you're not gambling with your air system performance, and this article will help you understand why. There's an article on isolation and restraint, which will help you to reduce the risk of vibrations migrating from HVAC equipment to building spaces and to manage wind and seismic loads. And there's an article on field testing industrial fans that instructs engineers how to ensure that the performance of large, complex fans meets design intent, allowing for precision industrial and power-generation applications. Two other articles address energy efficiency: one on dampers and another on evasés. These articles will help your clients mitigate the risk of incurring unnecessary lifecycle operating costs for air systems. This issue of AMCA inmotion, and the articles in it, come at a critical time. Regulation is increasing worldwide, and there is greater cost-cutting scrutiny of code provisions that could affect fire and smoke systems. To help address these industry concerns, AMCA is pleased to announce that Mark Stevens has been promoted to executive director and Wade Smith has assumed the role of director of public policy. So, in this context, I urge you to read all of the articles in this issue of AMCA inmotion, and feel free to access a decade of archived issues at Pat Cockrum 2014-15 President, AMCA International President, Pottorff Feature Articles Departments 8 How to Specify AMCA-Certified Products 1 President's Message Tom Gustafson, Director Chief Technology Officer/Quality Manager Hartzell Air Movement 16 Damper and Air Economizer Leakage Requirements 2 AMCA News Dan Hartlein, Director Executive Vice President Twin City Fan Companies 20 What to Know About Field Testing Industrial Fans John Magill, Director Vice President, Engineering Howden North America Inc. 24 Restraint and Isolation for Air System Components Mats Sándor, Director Technical Director Systemair AB 28 Evasés: What They Are and How and Why to Use Them Doug Yamashita, Director Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing ACME Engineering and Manufacturing Corporation 4 Calendar 31 European AMCA Update 33 Asia AMCA Update 35 Middle East AMCA Update 36 Code Watch USA AMCA International Inc. is a not-for-profit association of the world's manufacturers of air system equipment. Since 1917, AMCA has led industry education and training, provisions for codes and regulations and the development of product test standards and certification. Mark Stevens, Executive Director AMCA International Inc. Editorial content for this supplement was provided by the Air Movement and Control Association International Inc. The appearance of any technical data, editorial material or advertisement in this publication does not constitute endorsement, warranty or guarantee by either ASHRAE or AMCA International of any product, service, process, procedure, design or the like. W W W. A M C A . O R G A M C A I N T E R N AT I O N A L inmotion Summer 2015 1 http://WWW.AMCA.ORG http://WWW.AMCA.ORG

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ASHRAE Journal Supplement - AMCA International In Motion - Summer 2015 v2