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The Need for SPEED Race fans probably know most of these statistics. But what some of them might not know is that surveyors are an integral part of the event. Surveyors design the course, set the buoys and monitor their locations, and certify that the course is established according to the approved race chart for length and configuration. This is a unique job not only because it requires specialized techniques but also because it is performed by a volunteer workforce of professional surveyors and survey technicians on behalf of the Southeast Chapter of the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors (MSPS). Surveyors play a key role in the APBA Gold Cup races in Detroit. BY MICHAEL F. H. DeDECKER, PS hen Chris-Craft co-founder Christopher Columbus Smith broke the 60 mph speed barrier with a Detroit-based hydroplane, the Miss Detroit, in 1915 to win the American Power Boat Association (APBA) Gold Cup on Manhasset Bay near New York City, he began a legend. Smith’s victory brought the Gold Cup race to Detroit the following year. Today, Detroit is the boat racing capital of North America and is the sole location for the Gold Cup races. This year’s historic race in July marked the 100th time the trophy has been awarded. W Survey History Course layout for the Detroit races was performed by a local surveying firm until around 1976. In 1979, Grant Ward, RLS, of Grant Ward Surveyors, heard that no speed records could be set that year because the length of the course was not certified. He quickly contacted several surveyors from the area and formed a team of volunteers that began work the following day. The initial group consisted of some of the most-respected land surveyors in the area; many of them, including Ward, remained involved in the following years. Although all the volunteers were affiliated OCTOBER 2009 | Point of Beginning | www.pobonline.com http://www.pobonline.com

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Point of Beginning - October 2009