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spotlight USA TECHNOLOGIES EnergyMiser ‘Hot Green’ Product as Nation Turns to Intelligent Solutions to Conserve Energy. chines, glass-front coolers, snack machines and commercial appliances by almost half, saving about $300 a year. Energy consultants rate the EnergyMiser products among the most sustainable energy management technologies available, not only for lowering energy consumption and C0 2 emissions, but also for reducing run time, extending the machine’s lifespan, and saving an additional $85 per unit annually in maintenance costs. USA Technologies claims that if the 4 million vending machines and 10 million glass-front coolers in the U.S. were equipped with EnergyMisers, the technology could save 15 billion kWh of electricity, or nearly $1.5 billion in energy costs. This is equivalent to providing electricity to 1.5 million homes, or removing nearly 900,000 cars from the road. It would reduce C0 2 emissions by 23 billion pounds annually. Energy experts claim that it takes four power plants to supply electricity to the vending and cooler industries. The EnergyMiser could effectively make two power plants redundant. These advantages are attracting the attention of conservation groups and an expanding customer base, especially state and federal governments and their agencies, cities, towns and counties, military bases, parks, educational campuses, hospitals, hospitality, and more recently housing rental communities and private homes. The Nation’s energy utilities are among the biggest customers. Their goal is to lower the drain on the power grid to prevent black and brown outs, and reduce energy costs for their customers, as well as lower CO 2 emissions. Sixty-five major utilities are currently participating in a USA Technologies energy saving program, where they offer the EnergyMiser products free to customers, or for a rebate. An unprecedented 42 utilities have joined the program in just the past 12 months. Austin Energy was one of the first to adopt the EnergyMiser, installing it in the city’s vending machines and coolers at no cost to operators. The utility is saving the city nearly $600,000 in energy costs, and lowering C0 2 emissions by 4,775 tons annually. Gainesville Regional Utilities in Florida estimates that by 2009 it will be saving the community $190,000 a year thanks to the EnergyMiser. USA Technologies is an ENERGY STAR partner and is working with the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency to bring new energy standards to the vending and cooling industries. The General Services Administration allows State and Federal governments to purchase EnergyMiser products at lower cost from the USA Technologies website on a no bid basis. For more information, visit USA Technologies Could Save Economy $1.5B in Energy Cost With America focusing priority on ways to lower energy consumption and the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, the name EnergyMiser is emerging as a popular brand and proven energy conservation solution. USA Technologies’ ‘intelligent’ EnergyMiser product line has become a ‘hot’ technology for a number of important reasons: • It installs easily, and in minutes • It delivers immediate and dramatic energy savings all day, every day • It is easily affordable, and pays for itself under a year • It has a life expectancy of 15 years. The EnergyMiser can cut the cost of powering vending ma26 S U S TA I N A B L E F A C I L I T Y F E B R UARY 200 9

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