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LOOK EASY f a photograph is worth a thousand words, there’s a lot that can be said about the A l i the newb id b h Atlantis, h est, tallest and highest tropical resort in the Bahamas. In photographs of the spectacular complex, it stands majestic against the ocean horizon and the name of its location–Paradise Island–seems more than appropriate for this luxury playland. At the same time however, the images surely conjure up questions in the minds of contractors in the wall and ceiling industry: How did they build that thing way out there, in the middle of nowhere? There’s Making EIFS By Jay McNally I Logistics are key to Atlantis EIFS project in the Bahamas a story in answer to that question, and it’s worth a thousand words: In short, it wasn’t easy. AMAZING CHALLENGES The general contractor, PCL Construction Services Inc. in Orlando, Fla., faced many challenges in putting form to plans for a massive $200 million expansion of the Atlantis complex, which includes the two largest buildings on any of the 700 islands in the Bahamas. T hese landmark buildings were constructed in the 1990s. A fter intense bidding among several large contractors, Miami-based Applitech Inc., was chosen as the EIFS applicator for the expansion of the hotel, and went to work quickly to come to grips with the complexities of the project. 20 | Walls & Ceilings Architect | January 2008

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Walls & Ceilings Architect/January 2008