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Greenbuild 2 00 tten SGBC’ Conference 22,000 attend USGBC’s Conference Expo 22,000 attend USGBC’s Conference & Expo te nf xp h U.S. Gr ee n Bu ildi ng C ou n he U.S . Green Building CounS G r e e B uild i l ing u ncil’s (U SGBC) 20 07 Greenbuild cil’ U G C 0 07 reenbu ild cil’s (USGBC) 2007 Greenbu ild ’ nu Conference Confe nce Expo boasted record Conference & Expo boasted a record x boaste record d miles number of attendees (with the fi nal count topping out at attendees (with the nal count topping out d s (wit t a coun topping n ppin m ile miles f passenger ca driving. The non-profit L eonardo miles of passenger car driving. The non-profit Leonardo l passenge ar d riving T non pr fi Leonardo asse er as enger riving ig profi o Academy’s C 22,835) 22,835) and more than 850 22 ,835) and more than 850 exhibitors showcasing their han Academ s Cleaner and Gree r program calculates all emy’s Cleaner and Greener progra m ca lculates ll eener prog ram calcula types of emissions caused by energy use for Greenbuild, products and services. Nearly 8,000 people attended an including participant travel to and from the event, hotel opening plenary with Former President Bill Clinton, who rooms and meals, and then determines the total amount announced a major partnership to retrofit public and priof emissions from the event and the amount of carbon vate schools across the U.S. reduction credits and other emission reductions necAdditional news items of note during the conference essary to balance or offset the event’s emissions. For included: more information, visit www.sustainablecarpet.com and www.cleanerandgreener.org. USGBC LAUNCHES GREENBUILD365.ORG WEB SITE The USGBC, with the support of a $1 million donation from United Technologies Corp., has launched www. USGBC NEWS Greenbuild365.org to transform green building education The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) announced through global, online access. The Web site will feature several major news items, updates and innovations: free and fee-based courses on green building technologies and innovations, along with practical training to prepare New Websites: professionals to successfully apply Leadership in Energy • An updated website, www.usgbc.org, was unveiled. and Environmental Design (LEED) certification to build• With support from Newland Communities, the USGBC ing design, construction and operation. has launched the Green Home Guide, www.greenhomeguide.org. • The USGBC and the City of Seattle convened with USGBC HONORS GREEN BUILDING LEADERS 20 partners to launch The Green Playbook for Green The USGBC honored 2007’s most influential green Buildings and Neighborhoods, www.greenplaybook. building leaders at its annual Leadership Awards celorg, a Web-based resource that provides strategies, ebration during Greenbuild. The Leadership Awards tips, and tools for cities and counties to take immediate recognize companies and individuals who signify vision, action on climate change. leadership and commitment to the evolution of green building design and construction, including achieveThe USGBC also announced its 2008 Board of Directors: ments in six categories: • Anthony Bernheim, Principal, Sustainable Design • Community: LEED faculty member Gail Linsey from Solutions, HDR Architecture Inc., elected to the AtDesign Harmony. Large seat; • Education: The Aldo Leopold Legacy Center, a LEED• Elizabeth Whalen, Director of Corporate SustainabilPlatinum building. ity, Columbia Forest Products, representing Building • LEED: Rob Harris, Chief of the Engineering Division Product Manufacturers; of the Directorate of Public Works, Ft. Bragg, N.C. • Elizabeth J. Heider, Senior Vice President, Skanska • Organization Excellence: David Eisenberg and the USA Building Inc., elected in the Contractors/BuildDevelopment Center for Appropriate Technology. ers category; • Research: Kieran Timberlake Associates. • Dennis Maloskey, Director, Sustainable Engineering & • Advocacy: Ashok Gupta, Director, Air & Energy ProDevelopment, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania — Govgram, Natural Resources Defense Council. ernor’s Green Government Council, representing State and Local Governments. GREENBUILD CARBON OFFSET DONATION HIGHLIGHTS • Reappointed Charles Allen, Eric Clifton, and Don Horn. IMPORTANCE OF FOREST SEQUESTRATION • Re-elected Mick Dalrymple, and Ted van der Linden. International textile and chemical manufacturer Milliken & Company, a founding member of USGBC, donated The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and USGmore than 25 million pounds of carbon dioxide credits BC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (11,364 metric tons) to offset all the carbon dioxide that provides an open exchange of information regard(CO2) emissions associated with the 2007 Greenbuild ing green building and maintenance practices during the conference. The donation is equivalent to offsetting the entire facility life cycle. W&C annual carbon dioxide emissions of more than 27 million T January 2008 | Walls & Ceilings Architect | 27 http://www.sustainablecarpet.com http://www.cleanerandgreener.org http://www.Greenbuild365.org http://www.Greenbuild365.org http://www.Greenbuild365.org http://www.greenhomeguide.org http://www.greenhomeguide.org

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