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Systems Contractor Quality Management Systems and Inspection he Firestop Contractors International Association Accreditation and Standards Committees have built a model for better construction quality based on independent audits by FM & UL of Contracting Company Quality Manuals, and through standards for third party independent inspections of installed firestop systems. To provide a contractor quality management program, the FCIA Accreditation Committee volunteers worked with Factory Mutual Global, Approvals Division, (now known as FM Approvals), on FM 4991—Standard for the Approval of Firestop Contractors, and UL to develop the UL Qualified Firestop Contractor Program. FCIA Contractor and Manufacturer member volunteers on the FCI A Standards Committee also worked to develop ASTM E217401 Standard Practice for On-Site Firestop Inspection of Installed Fire Stops. ASTM E2174-01 has been updated to ASTM E2174-09. An additional standard for inspection of joint systems for walltops, expansion and construction joints, plus perimeter fi re protection, ASTM E239304, Standard Practice for On-Site Inspection of Installed Fire Resistive Joint Systems and Perimeter Fire Barriers was published in 2004, and updated in 2009. T The FCIA comments on its quality programs, membership and its latest struggles with recent ASTM standards in the West. By Bill McHugh, Aedan Gleeson and Tom Hottenroth quality management systems evaluations where the contractor has a Designated Responsible Individual, whose quality manuals are audited by FM or UL’s personnel. During the approval/qualification process, FM or UL visits the firestop contracting firm, audits based on the contractors’ quality manual, and then checks the installed firestop system in the field. The Contractor Quality Manual outlines procedures used by contractors to get fi restopping systems selected and installed to the zero tolerance protocol for firestopping, controlled by the DRI. FM and UL then fi nd the company either conforming APPROVED OR QUALIFIED INSTALLING COMPANIES T he FM 4991 & U L Qualified Firestop Contractor programs are | Walls & Ceilings Architect | October 2009

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Walls and Ceilings Architect/October 2009
The Growing Role of Insulation in Sustainable Building
Ward of the Worlds
Firestop Systems
Green Building "Decertification"

Walls & Ceilings Architect/October 2009