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LANDDRILL INTERNATIONAL INC. BY BRIAN SALGADO NEW BRUNSWICK’S LANDDRILL INTERNATIONAL IS DEDICATED TO MAKING SURE ITS CLIENTS GET THE CORRECT DRILLING RESULTS THE FIRST TIME. EVERY DRILL COUNTS S ince Landdrill International – a drilling contractor based in Moncton, New Brunswick – primarily caters to small- to mid-sized exploration companies throughout Canada, Ron Goguen Sr. explains his company’s clients cannot afford to be off target or delayed when it is time to drill. “You have to hit the target at the right depth and the right angle,” Goguen says. “If they think the mineral zone is at 800 meters and a guy gets stuck at 600 and never gets there, you’ll never know what you’ve got there.” Goguen started Landdrill International in 2004 with the purchase of five rigs. In early 2004, an opportunity arose to purchase a company in Mongolia called CanAsia, and Goguen transferred all his assets to that country, doubling sales in one year to $14 million. However, Landdrill International returned to its Canadian roots after the Mongolian government added a windfall tax of 68 percent of revenues on gold costing more than $500 an ounce and more than $1.50 a pound on copper. The company went from 100 percent Mongolian revenues to less than 5 percent in 2009, and Landdrill International experienced a turnaround in 2008 of $24 million. It dipped further to $14 million in 2009 due to the recession, but Goguen expects sales to rise again to $28 million in 2010. Variety of Services Landdrill specializes in a variety of diamond drilling services, including deep-hole drilling, directional drilling, reverse circulation drilling, underground drilling, packer testing, setting of instrumentation, grouting and logistics support. The company caters to clients that are about to go into production, and although Landdrill isn’t necessarily the least expensive driller on the market, Goguen says it is the most valuable over the long run. “If we want to go from two to five rigs, we’re able to do that,” Goguen says. “We’re able to lower the cost per meter. We might not always be the lowest going in, but we’re always the lowest coming out. It may be $80 per meter going in, but if a company doesn’t finish on time, that number goes up. “We go in with the equipment we need and we hit the target every time,” he adds. FALL 2010 Landdrill International services small- and mid-sized companies throughout Canada. Because these companies don’t often have ample financing, Landdrill International focuses on hitting the right drill target the first time. COMPANY PROFILE Landdrill International Inc. www.landdrill.com HQ: Moncton, New Brunswick Employees: 200 Service: Drilling Ron Goguen Sr., president and CEO: “If they think the mineral zone is at 800 meters and a guy gets stuck at 600 and never gets there, you’ll never know what you’ve got there.” 108 | EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM http://www.EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM

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Exploration & Processing - Fall 2010
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Exploration & Processing - Fall 2010