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PECOFACET BY KATHRYN JONES AFTER MERGING THREE COMPANIES TO CREATE PECOFACET, THE FILTRATION AND SEPARATION SYSTEMS PROVIDER IS TAKING A LEADING MARKET POSITION. UNITING THREE AS ONE M When PECO, Facet and Purolator merged in May 2009, the three companies gained manufacturing and technology benefits from each other, while still maintaining their individual strengths, says Keith Miller, director of market development. ost individuals familiar with filtration would recognize these three brands, but few are aware of the influence Mineral Wells, Texasbased PECOFacet now has on the industry after its parent company, CLARCOR, merged Perry Equipment Corp. (PECO) with Facet International Group in late 2007 and Purolator Liquid Process in May 2009. PECO specializes in filtration and separation applications for gas and liquid applications. Aside from being well known in the oil and gas industry, the company also serves the refining, power generation, environmental, food and beverage, agriculture, polymers, and pulp and paper markets. Facet offers advanced filtration and separation products and systems for industries including aviation, marine, petrochemical, water treatment, power generation and general industry. It is one of the top players in the liquid-liquid separation market. Now that it has merged with PECO, the company takes a leading position in the liquid-liquid separation market and offers more separation technology than the competition. Purolator is an industry innovator having created PUROCEPT™ multi-zone, melt-blown cartridges. Its PuroZone technology allows the creation of multiple zones within the depth of the filter cartridges, and each zone contains a matrix of declining diameter fibers. This multi-zone design produces a gradient pore structure, thereby capturing large particles in the upstream layers of the filter while capturing smaller particles in the inner layers. Individual Strengths PECO, Facet and Purolator have had great success as individual companies, but combined, they are a force to be reckoned with, according to Keith Millican, director of market development for PECOFacet. When CLARCOR acquired and merged the three together, “We kept all three companies intact from a personnel and logistical standpoint, just shoring up the weak spots,” he says. This has made for a very smooth transition, Millican explains. “We merged in a way that still kept their brand identities and enabled them to focus on their individual market strengths,” he states. “We streamlined our manufacturing processes based on where those strengths lie FALL 2010 COMPANY PROFILE PECOFacet www.pecofacet.com HQ: Mineral Wells, Texas Employees: 800 Products: Filtration and separation systems Keith Millican, director of market development: “We kept all three companies in tact from a personnel and logistical standpoint, just focusing on shoring up the weak spots.” 118 | EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM http://www.EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM

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Exploration & Processing - Fall 2010
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Exploration & Processing - Fall 2010