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BY KATHRYN JONES AMERICAN OIL & GAS – THE GOLIATH PROJECT Partnering with Halliburton has given American Oil & Gas the expertise it needed to give the Bakken play in the Williston Basin another chance. WITH HELP FROM HALLIBURTON, AMERICAN OIL & GAS IS FINDING SUCCESS WITH ITS GOLIATH PROJECT IN THE WILLISTON BASIN OF THE BAKKEN OIL FORMATION. AN IDEAL PARTNERSHIP I n April 2008, the U.S. Geological Survey released its reassessment of the recoverable oil potential in the Williston basin of the Bakken formation of North Dakota and Montana estimating that up to 3.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil lay undiscovered in this notoriously difficult shale formation, thus making it the largest oilfield in the United States outside of Alaska. Prominent industry players such as Denver’s American Oil & Gas and its Australian minority interest partner Sundance Oil & Gas already were well aware of the oil play’s potential, having been drilling on site as early as 2007. The two control close to 100,000 acres of the play at present. But working with limited resources and technology at the time, the project needed maturing, American Oil & Gas Vice President Peter Loeffler says. “We were early into the Williston basin targeting the Bakken play on the western flank of the North Dakota side of the basin,” Loeffler recalls. “We drilled a well early in the play, but did not use the most ideal completion techniques. Although it was successful, it was not economic at the time.” A combination of new technologies and methodologies derived by Houstonbased Halliburton enabled American Oil & Gas to give the play a second chance. The two companies joined forces in late 2009, reapplied new technology to drilling and completing in the formation and reached a successful outcome. “It was a very FALL 2010 COMPANY PROFILE American Oil & Gas – The Goliath Project www.americanog.com 2010 budget: $60 million Location: Williston basin, Bakken oil formation, North Dakota targeting up to 1,000 net barrels of oil per day this year Scope: Three-rig drilling program Peter Loeffler, vice president: “It was a very ideal merger of the technical know-how from the Halliburton side with the assets and ownership on the American Oil & Gas side.” EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM | 89 http://www.EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM

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Exploration & Processing - Fall 2010
Spillover Effects
Profitable Path to Renewable Energy
Dynamic Air Shelters Ltd.
Elevating Boats LLC
Gazelle’s Oilfield Services Ltd.
International Alliance Group
Lydford Mining Co.
Offshore Inland Marine, Industrial & Oilfield Services
Q.B. Johnson Manufacturing Inc.
Thermo Design Engineering
Western Camp Services Ltd.
Western Copper Corp.
Alberta Welltest Incinerators
Blakely Construction Co. Inc.
Bluewater Constructors Inc.
Energy Fabrication Inc.
OFM Pump Inc.
Lithium Americas Corp.
New Dominion Construction Inc.
Otis Gold
Owen Sound Ledgerock Ltd.
Reagan Equipment Co. Inc.
Swick Mining Services (Canada) Inc.
American Oil & Gas – The Goliath Project
Africo Resources Ltd.
American Tank Company Inc.
Atlas Copco Geotechnical Drilling & Exploration
Clarkco Oilfield Services Inc.
Energy Fuels Resources Corp.
ESA Renewables LLC
GPR Industries (1994) Ltd.
Helio Resource Corp.
Landdrill International Inc.
Laurel Aggregates Inc.
LoneStar Energy Fabrication
NioGold Mining Corp.
Pacific Booker Minerals Inc.
Phoenix Exploration Co.
Premium Rock Bit Corp.
Queenston Mining Inc.
RAE Engineering & Inspection Ltd.
Goldcorp – Red Lake Gold Mines
C-FER Technologies Inc.
Surepoint Group
Eden Stone and Valders Stone & Marble Inc.
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Exploration & Processing - Fall 2010