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SOUTHERN PETROLEUM LABORATORIES INC. SOUTHERN PETROLEUM LABORATORIES PERFORMS THE LAB WORK THAT ISN’T AS FLASHY AS THE REST OF THE INDUSTRY, BUT IS JUST AS VITAL TO ITS SUCCESS. THE WHOLE STORY A Southern Petroleum Laboratories has been providing technical and analytical services to the oil and gas industries for more than 60 years, and today its services include field measurement, fabrication and loss control. lthough many of the iconic images of the oil and gas industry are the type that would make for stunning book covers – with towering derricks framed against clear blue skies or massive pipelines snaking through untamed wilderness – they only tell part of the industry’s story. The rest of the story is told in the laboratories, where much of the crucial data that drives exploration and production is generated. Without the vital work of scientists, much of the work being done in the fields would be reduced to guesswork at worst. One of the North American leaders in providing technical and analytical services to the oil and gas industry is Southern Petroleum Laboratories Inc. (SPL). Based in Houston, SPL recently celebrated its 65th anniversary. “Since 1944, SPL has provided quality technical and analytical services to the oil and gas industry,” the company says. “As part of SPL’s commitment and dedication to quality, turnaround and service are of paramount importance.” The company was founded by W.A. Frier, a chemical engineer with a degree from Texas A&M University. Originally, the company provided well testing services, but soon expanded to include petroleum and natural gas analysis. “Today, SPL is recognized globally as the industry leader in oil and gas measurement, allocations, auditing and laboratory services,” the company says. “The company has performed work throughout the United States as well as international markets that include the China Sea, Kuwait, Libya, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. SPL’s environmental laboratory is among the top 10 environmental laboratories in the United States.” Broad Services Today, SPL’s broad services for the oil and gas industry include environmental and hydrocarbon analysis, field gas and liquid measurement, fabrication, oil and gas accounting, and audit and loss control. The company’s environmental laboratory division is bolstered by the decades of experience its staff brings to the table, according to the company. “SPL has extensive experience and comprehensive capabilities for the analysis of multimedia environmental samples using standardized procedures in both routine and challenging matrices,” it says. In terms of the company’s hydrocarbon testing and WINTER 2011 COMPANY PROFILE Southern Petroleum Laboratories Inc. www.spl-inc.com 2009 revenues: $400 million HQ: Houston Employees: 180 Specialty: Technical and analytSouthern Petroleum Laboratories Inc.: “Since 1944, ical services SPL has provided quality technical and analytical services to the oil and gas industry.” 108 | EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM http://www.EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM

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Exploration & Processing - Winter 2011
Redefining Refining
Synfuels Success
A Natural Solution
After the Fallout
Uranium on the Rise
Galleon Energy Inc.
Gibraltar Mines Ltd.
The Municipal Group of Companies
Selwyn Resources Ltd.
Redmond Minerals Inc.
Copper Fox Metals
Henry Resources
OFM Pump Inc.
Sunshine Oilsands Ltd.
Pacific Rubiales Energy Co.
Thermo Design Engineering
Alexco Resource Corp.
North American Palladium
Mammoet Canada Eastern Ltd.
KSM Inc.
Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.
Flexpipe Systems
Guyana Goldfields Inc.
Flotek Industries Inc.
Dominion Terminal Associates
Compressor and Engine Service LLC
BEHR Energy Services Ltd.
LoneStar Energy Fabrication
American Oil & Gas – The Goliath Project
Alberta Oilsands Inc.
Southern Petroleum Laboratories Inc.
Cochrane Technologies Inc.
Crystal Flash Energy
Energold Drilling Corp.
Esperanza Resources Corp.
Explorator Resources Inc.
Rush Sales Co.
Kimber Resources Inc.
Nelson Bros. Oilfield (1997) Services Ltd.
Gulf Copper and Manufacturing
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Exploration & Processing - Winter 2011