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NORTH AMERICAN PALLADIUM BY LUKE GILLESPIE As one of only two companies operating palladium mines in the United States, North American Palladium serves an important purpose in American manufacturing. NORTH AMERICAN PALLADIUM IS BUILDING ON ITS UNIQUE MINE OPERATION AND CARVING A NICHE IN THE INDUSTRY AS A PRECIOUS METALS PRODUCER. PRECIOUS EXPLORATION COMPANY PROFILE North American Palladium www.nap.com Market capital: $673 million HQ: Toronto Employees: 400 Specialty: Mining and exploBill Biggar, president and CEO: “Considering that global production is only a little over 6 million ounces, you can see how this bodes well for future increases in the price of palladium.” 70 | EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM P ration of precious metals alladium is a rare precious metal, and Dave Passfield, vice president of operations at North American Palladium (NAP), notes that there is a rise in its demand, which he says places an importance on NAP as one of only two operators of primary palladium mines in the world. Globally, mine production of palladium is only 6.3 million ounces per year, with Russia, South Africa and North America accounting for nearly 100 percent of production, and supply from South Africa and Russia declining over the last four years. President and CEO Bill Biggar points out that the price of palladium has outperformed all metals this year. “Considering that global production is only a little over 6 million ounces, you can see how this bodes well for future increases in the price of palladium,” Biggar says. “Palladium is increasingly behaving like a precious metal with investment and jewelry demand, yet has the fundamental underpinning of an industrial metal.” Palladium is the key component in catalytic converters for engines. Another and more recent source of demand are the palladium exchangetraded funds, whose holdings are approaching almost 2 million ounces, NAP says. “Given this outlook and the positive fundamentals, we believe that this timWINTER 2011 http://www.EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM

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Exploration & Processing - Winter 2011
Redefining Refining
Synfuels Success
A Natural Solution
After the Fallout
Uranium on the Rise
Galleon Energy Inc.
Gibraltar Mines Ltd.
The Municipal Group of Companies
Selwyn Resources Ltd.
Redmond Minerals Inc.
Copper Fox Metals
Henry Resources
OFM Pump Inc.
Sunshine Oilsands Ltd.
Pacific Rubiales Energy Co.
Thermo Design Engineering
Alexco Resource Corp.
North American Palladium
Mammoet Canada Eastern Ltd.
KSM Inc.
Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.
Flexpipe Systems
Guyana Goldfields Inc.
Flotek Industries Inc.
Dominion Terminal Associates
Compressor and Engine Service LLC
BEHR Energy Services Ltd.
LoneStar Energy Fabrication
American Oil & Gas – The Goliath Project
Alberta Oilsands Inc.
Southern Petroleum Laboratories Inc.
Cochrane Technologies Inc.
Crystal Flash Energy
Energold Drilling Corp.
Esperanza Resources Corp.
Explorator Resources Inc.
Rush Sales Co.
Kimber Resources Inc.
Nelson Bros. Oilfield (1997) Services Ltd.
Gulf Copper and Manufacturing
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Exploration & Processing - Winter 2011