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BY RUSS GAGER DOMINION TERMINAL ASSOCIATES LLP Dominion Terminal Associates transfers more than 20 million tons of coal from railroad cars to vessels and barges every year, according to the company. DOMINION TERMINAL ASSOCIATES IS REPLACING EQUIPMENT THAT HAS PERFORMED VALIANTLY FOR 27 YEARS. GET A TRANSFER Y WINTER 2011 ou load 16 tons, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt,” as Tennessee Ernie Ford used to sing. But Dominion Terminal Associates (DTA) LLP loads a lot more than 16 tons. The capacity of the company’s terminal, which transfers coal from railroad cars to vessels and barges, is 20 million tons annually. Historically, DTA’s highest volume year was 1992, during which more than 18 million tons were shipped – its lowest was slightly under 5 million tons shipped in 2006. This year, the company is operating at roughly a 14-millionton rate. “We don’t get involved with coal sales – DTA simply acts as a transfer terminal,” explains President Rick Cole. “We do not have knowledge of the sales price of the coal or of coal quality. Our job is to unload rail cars and then load the vessels as instructed by our shippers. DTA itself is not a for-profit entity. We are a limited liability partnership that passes its costs through to its owners.” Twenty-seven years ago when the terminal was built by five coal companies, Dominion Terminal Associates presented the partners with a statement for the amount of money needed to operate the terminal during the following month. “They sent that money, and it’s worked that way for 27 years,” Cole says. The company celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2009. DTA’s current parent companies are subsidiaries of three publicly-traded coal COMPANY PROFILE Dominion Terminal Associates LLP www.dominionterminal.com HQ: Newport News, Va. Employees: 94 Specialty: Coal-loading services from Eastern mines to ports worldwide Rick Cole, president: “The nuts and bolts of the industry are not drastically different than when the facility was constructed in 1984.” EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM | 91 http://www.EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM

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Exploration & Processing - Winter 2011
Redefining Refining
Synfuels Success
A Natural Solution
After the Fallout
Uranium on the Rise
Galleon Energy Inc.
Gibraltar Mines Ltd.
The Municipal Group of Companies
Selwyn Resources Ltd.
Redmond Minerals Inc.
Copper Fox Metals
Henry Resources
OFM Pump Inc.
Sunshine Oilsands Ltd.
Pacific Rubiales Energy Co.
Thermo Design Engineering
Alexco Resource Corp.
North American Palladium
Mammoet Canada Eastern Ltd.
KSM Inc.
Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.
Flexpipe Systems
Guyana Goldfields Inc.
Flotek Industries Inc.
Dominion Terminal Associates
Compressor and Engine Service LLC
BEHR Energy Services Ltd.
LoneStar Energy Fabrication
American Oil & Gas – The Goliath Project
Alberta Oilsands Inc.
Southern Petroleum Laboratories Inc.
Cochrane Technologies Inc.
Crystal Flash Energy
Energold Drilling Corp.
Esperanza Resources Corp.
Explorator Resources Inc.
Rush Sales Co.
Kimber Resources Inc.
Nelson Bros. Oilfield (1997) Services Ltd.
Gulf Copper and Manufacturing
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Exploration & Processing - Winter 2011