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>p PRODUCERS Ramar Foods International A New Food Culture Ramar Foods is finding a number of ways to attract new consumers to the distinct Filipino flavors of its product line. By Jamie Morgan n the 1990s, Ramar Foods was challenged by a large Asian food manufacturer to give up its rights to Magnolia-brand ice cream. The brand has been popular in the Philippines since the 1950s, and as a California-based manufacturer of Filipino foods, Ramar Foods had negotiated an agreement in 1972 with the brand’s former owner to exclusively manufacturer and distribute the product in North America. When the brand changed hands, the new ownership tried to revoke Ramar’s rights. “At the time, we were still a small business,” company profile recalls PJ Quesada, one of the third-generation owners of the company. “But it was our livelihood at Ramar Foods International the time, and it took all our resources to fight it.” A court awarded Ramar Foods ownership of the Headquarters: Pittsburg, Calif. Employees: 159 Magnolia brand in North America, based on the PJ Quesada, co-owner: “The only argument of prior use. It’s an example of what the way to capture the market is to follow them where they shop. We company is all about – a determination to protect are rethinking how we approach itself, its culture and its products, no matter what the new customers.” challenge is. Today, it faces multiple new chal- 52 food & drink • july/august 2011 • << Ramar Foods’ premium ice cream is made with California dairy and imported Filipino fruits, such as lychee, mango, langka, macapuno and taro. I lenges: how to appeal to second-generation Asians, branch into mainstream markets and translate some of its traditionally high-sodium, deep-fried foods for the health-conscious consumer all while operating its third and newest manufacturing plant completed in 2009. Leading the Way Ramar Foods is one of the largest “popularizers” of Filipino food in North America even though it has developed outside of the typical evolution of specialty food manufacturers. In 2010, it partially funded a qualitative panel discussion led by the Asian Culinary Forum (ACF). The ACF flew in Filipino chefs and invited local and

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Food and Drink - July/August 2011
News a la Carte
Consumer Trends
Social Media 101
Strengthening Brands
Food Law
Producers: Hidden Pandemic
Independent Distillers
S. Martinelli & Co.
Wyandot Inc.
Berto’s Gelato & Sorbet
Gills Onions LLC
Neri’s Bakery Products Inc.
Ramar Foods International
Banks Holdings Ltd.
Leclerc Foods USA Inc.
Mariani Packing Co. Inc.
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Cajun Specialty Meats Inc.
Cristalia Premium Water
Green Organic Vegetable Inc.
Vande Bunte Eggs
Motivatit Seafoods LLC
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Alpine Meats
West Liberty Foods LLC
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Restaurants: Tax Incentives
Cheeburger Cheeburger Restaurants Inc.
Famous Famiglia
Grand Traverse Pie Co.
HuHot Mongolian Grills LLC
Glacier Restaurant Group
Jake’s Wayback Burgers
Original Tommy’s World Famous Hamburgers
Sam & Louie’s Pizzeria
Flippers Pizzeria
Larry’s Giant Subs
Mario’s Pizza
Shake’s Frozen Custard
The Fish Market
Distributors: A Package Deal
Diaz Foods
Arista Industries
Columbia Distributing
Allied Specialty Foods
Fresher Than Fresh
Golden Valley Industries
Lancaster Foods LLC
Milne Fruit Products
Retailers: SBA at the NRA
Cooke’s Food Store
Gulf Island Shrimp and Seafood
New Leaf Community Markets
Three Things

Food and Drink - July/August 2011