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>p PRODUCERS sparrer sausage co. inc. Big Snack Attack Little bites in the sausage category are big business for Sparrer. Its high-protein snacks fuel its growth while providing a healthier snacking option. By Russ Gager company profile Sparrer Sausage Co. Inc. Headquarters: Chicago Employees: 1 17 Specialty: Meat snacks, gourmet sausages, deli sausages, sliced shelf-stable sausage and heat-andserve ribs Chris Hetherman, vice president: “Hands-down, we won from a flavor and preference standpoint for our products.” >> Sparrer Sausage Co. has found success through balancing its line of snack-sized sausages and its traditional products. A s consumers’ lives become busier, the attraction of quick bursts of protein grabbed on the go grows, too. This portion of the market, where the line between snacking and meal replacement blurs, is the one in which Sparrer Sausage Co. Inc. is experiencing the highest growth in its sausage business. “High-quality snack sticks and sausage bites are an important part of growing the business in the snacking channel,” Vice President Chris Hetherman says. “Snack sticks and sausage bites make up about 25 percent of our business. Another 25 percent is fresh product like chorizo and the other 50 percent is tradi- tional, summer sausage-type products.” Brian Graves, Sparrer’s third-generation owner, estimates 95 percent of Sparrer’s chorizo business is private label. Sparrer Sausage Co. Inc. has launched a line extension of its famous Lil Dude snacks: Lil Dude Big Sticks, a 1-ounce all-beef snack stick. “We use a higher quality meat block, real hickory wood to smoke our products, and we have developed over 18 flavors of mouth-watering snacks – we are the Pringles of the meat snack industry,” Hetherman points out. “It’s an all-beef product – we don’t have pork or mechanically separated chicken or turkey fillers in the product,” he maintains. “We’re targeting a retail price in the 99-cent range for the Lil Dude 1-ounce Big Stick.” Sparrer Sausage Co. focuses on human safety, food safety and quality as the most important parts of the business. For example, the company received a rating for food safety and quality on its third-party audit by Silliker Inc. of 98.3 percent in 2009 and 96.3 percent by Cook and Thurber in 2010. Sparrer Sausage prides itself on its ability to create new products quickly and ride consumer trends to market be- 130 food and drink • spring 2011 •

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Food and Drink - Spring 2011
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Food and Drink - Spring 2011