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hillside candy co. >p PRODUCERS Candied Bliss Hillside Candy is a leader in sugar-free and organic candy. By Kathryn Jones >> Hillside Candy’s GoLightly brand of sugar-free candies is one of the leading sugar-free candy brands on the market, and its GoNaturally brand is making waves in the organic market. I t may be tough for some companies to compete in the highly saturated candy industry, but Hillside, N.J.-based Hillside Candy Co. has found success in a niche that caters to consumers who lead a healthy lifestyle but still want to enjoy the sweeter things in life, President and CEO Ted Cohen says. Hillside Candy’s GoLightly brand of sugar-free candies is one of the leading sugar-free candy brands on the market. Its GoNaturally brand is making waves in the organic candy market as a premier line of USDA-certified organic candy. And Hillside Sweets is a line of sugar-added, old-fashioned hard candies. All three brands are kosher certified and sold in drug store chains, mass merchandisers, grocery chains and supermarkets, gourmet stores and through natural and organic stores. Each brand offers a level of quality, consistency and deliciousness that is unmatched in the industry, company profile Cohen asserts. “It’s a great feeling to know we hit on a winning, high-quality product and have Hillside Candy Co. filled a need in the market,” he says. Headquarters: Hillside, N.J. Employees: 35 Specialty: Sugar-free and organic candy Ted Cohen, president and CEO: “It’s a great feeling to know we hit on a winning, high-quality product and have filled a need in the market.” Delightfully Light Hillside Candy celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, but its roots trace back to 1945 with Moru Industries Co., which did not mass-produce candy, but made a simple, individually wrapped honey drop confection. Founder Moses Rubinstein eventually turned the company over to his nephew, Myron Fisher, a candy chemist by trade. In 1980, Fisher grew tired of working 100 hours per week and agreed to sell the company to a group of investors. William Cohen, father of Ted Cohen, was one of the investors. Fisher initially agreed to stay on for 60 days, but he ended up working for the company for 19 more years. Ted Cohen was asked by the investors to join the business. He was the second employee of the company and changed its name to GoLightly reflecting consumer interest in sugar-free, health-conscious foods in the mid1980s. Cohen helped the company create a corporate identity and expand its portfolio to include more than 100 > food and drink • spring 201 • 1 91

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Food and Drink - Spring 2011
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Distributors: Don’t Risk It
The Fricks Company
U.S. Foodservice – Milwaukee Division
Arizona Select Distribution
Fairway Packing Co.
Ingredient Innovations
J.J. Taylor Distributing Co. of Minnesota Inc.
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Retailers: Savoring the Moment
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Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt
Quick Chek
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Sendik’s Fine Foods Inc.
Zaro’s Bakery
Balboa Brands
Restaurants: Toss Around Ideas
Sizzler USA
Dick’s Last Resort
Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd.
Liberty Entertainment Group
Roly Poly Franchise Systems
Santa Fe Cattle Co.
Winger’s USA Inc.
Bensi Restaurant Group Inc.
Leo’s Coney Island
Three Things

Food and Drink - Spring 2011