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c +i CONSTRUCTION & INFRASTRUCTURE Sensible Approach CO-FOUNDER EVERETT HATCHER SAYS CMH ARCHITECTS THRIVES WITH HANDS-OFF MANAGEMENT AND REASONABLE DESIGN. >CMH ARCHITECTS INC. BY C H R I S P E T E R S E N ceeds through the expertise of its staff and what Hatcher calls its “common sense” approach to architecture. Through it all, Hatcher says he practices a style of management more concerned with allowing employees to think for themselves than following edicts. A ‘Developer’s Architect’ Hatcher says CMH Architects is known by many customers across the Southeast as a “developer’s architect,” something that they value highly. This means the firm works to not only satisfy the public with an aesthetically pleasing design, but Sometimes the best ideas come about by accident. CMH Architects President and co-founder Everett Hatcher says that’s more or less how his firm came into being. “It was not something that was planned strategically,” he says. “It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing.” Hatcher and retired co-founder Jerry McWilliams were contacted in 1980 by Brandon Crawford, a former colleague of theirs who had entered semi-retirement but had quickly become bored. The three decided to form their own design and architecture firm, and now CMH Architects is marking its 30th anniversary. The firm’s concentration on retail architecture helped drive business in its early years, mainly because retail construction was in an upswing. Today, the firm’s portfolio contains retail, corporate, healthcare, institutional, mixed-use and residential projects. In every project that it designs, however, CMH Architects suc-----------------------------------------------[ P R O F I L E ] CMH Architects Inc. 2009 Projects: $100 million Headquarters: Birmingham, Ala. Specialty: Planning and architecture Employees: 25 -------------------------------------------------------------- // CMH Architects doesn’t focus on aesthetics at the expense of practicality, its co-founder says. 116 MANAGEMENTTODAY-MAGAZINE.COM WINTER 2011 http://www.MANAGEMENTTODAY-MAGAZINE.COM

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Management Today - Winter 2011
Millionaire Mega Toys
Management Playbook
Taking Action
Branding Concerns
La Curacao
Prosper Inc.
Meridian Credit Union
Ozarks Federal Savings and Loan
Mona Pearl
MaMa Rosa’s Pizza
L’Oreal USA Consumers Products Division
ABI Ltd.
CHIRON America
Lucerne Foods
Bud’s Best Cookies
Crest Foam Industries
Hozishaki America
The Knapheide Manufacturing Co.
Lavi Industries
S. Freedman & Sons Inc.
Val-Fab Inc.
History vs. Reality
Grupo Roble
Sabal Homes
Grupo Marhnos
Novak Construction
McAlpine Ltd. – Cayman Islands Government Administration Building
Ram Power Corp.
CMH Architects
Golden State Framers
Russell Redi-Mix Concrete
Roger Electric
Supply Chain
Triad Systems
Schildwachter Oil
Star Transport
Canadian Focus
Airline Hotels & Resorts Inc.
Northgate Industries
Winnipeg Airports Authority
PKS Equipment & Engineering Inc.
The Hazelton Hotel
Leeds Transit
PCL Constructors – Durham Consolidated Courthouse
Build Toronto
Handling Specialty
Parker Hannifin Canada
Stevens Resource Group Inc.

Management Today - Winter 2011