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t +l T R A N S P O RTAT I O N & LO G I S T I C S -----------------------------------------------[ P R O F I L E ] Schildwachter Oil Headquarters: Bronx, N.Y. Specialty: Fuel oil Employees: 75 -------------------------------------------------------------BY J I M H A R R I S When asked about his leadership philosophy, Schildwachter Oil Vice President Peter Schildwachter has a straightforward response. “My philosophy is `do your job,’” he says. “If you do your job we don’t have an issue, if you don’t, we do. I believe in leading by example and just keeping on top of people to make sure they do what they’re supposed to be doing and do it properly.” Schildwachter’s employees clearly follow this philosophy, as the company has very little turnover. “Our last employee was hired about eight years ago; we don’t go through employees,” Schildwachter says. He credits the low turnover to an atmosphere that encourages employees’ input in company decisions. “We work very well together and listen to each other; it’s not just management that dictates what goes on here,” he adds. Service Focus Schildwachter Oil sells, delivers and maintains diesel and heating oil and equipment for residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Bronx, Manhattan and Westchester County, New York. Equipment sold and serviced by the company includes boilers, furnaces, water heaters and thermostats. Schildwachter says he is proud of the company’s high level of service provided by long-term, highly trained professionals who respond quickly and offer a personal touch to customers. Each customer is provided a personal representative who exclusively works with that client and becomes familiar with their personal needs and preferences. The company also offers customers an extensive service plan that covers labor charges on parts and includes annual burner maintenance, burner or furnace cleaning, emergency service and oil tank replacement coverage. Another important point of pride for Schildwachter is the company’s embrace of new technology. “We are revolutionary in the biodiesel fuel area,” he says. “We were the first > S C H I L D WA C H T E R O I L // Schildwachter Oil’s products and services have kept Bronx residents warm for more than 100 years. Heating it Up THE OPERATIONS OF SCHILDWACHTER OIL BENEFIT FROM AN EXPERIENCED, LONG-TENURED STAFF AND A TIGHT FOCUS ON SERVICE. 132 MANAGEMENTTODAY-MAGAZINE.COM WINTER 2011 http://www.MANAGEMENTTODAY-MAGAZINE.COM

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Management Today - Winter 2011
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Management Today - Winter 2011